Reasons You Know You're Addicted to Zelda

The Top Ten Reasons You Know You're Addicted to Zelda

You talk to your plastic sword hoping Fi will come out

I ain't no expert on swords.
But shouldn't Fi be coming out?

You talk to your shadow, expecting Midna to talk to you
When you jump off a cliff you think you will just respawn where you fell off at

I know am obsessor. - CityGuru

You put a butterfly in a bottle to revive a dead person
You got lost in the woods looking for the master sword
You try to "Z Target" everything
You cut random people's grass

Grass is where the real money is.

You go in somebody's house and break all their pots
You put on gloves and try to lift up and throw boulders
You call a person from Mexico a Gerudo

This is mildly racist.
But also kind of funny. - Skullkid755

The Contenders

You draw the triforce on the back of your hand

Shouldn't that be resonating?

You name your son Link or your daughter Zelda
When you go to the doctor and they ask you how they feel you go "Beep beep" (1 Heart)
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