Reasons You Should Join Quotev


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1 You can write stories , poems , etc

Yes, you can! - sadical

I have the start of Ash, my new story, on there so people will stop asking to see it and will check it out themselves. - Cyri

Quotev is just AMAZING! I love writing!

The stories are amazing! They inspired me to write stories

2 Roleplays

Hollymint I love warrior cat role playing too! Just check my profile~ Fox the Rogue

Yes it's so fun! - Hollymint

Love to role play on quotev! Everybody is so creative!

One of my favorite things about it! This is no ordinary fanfiction site. - NerdyPweeps

3 It has A LOT of anime fans

I'm not a fan of anime though. - Misfire

I can tell anise is a huge thing, and people just love them!

Way, way, way too many LOL

And it’s annoying for people who don't care about anime because it’s all that shows up on their homepages. - sadical

4 You don't have to pay to join or pay for anything else

That's true, you don't have to pay

5 You can have followers like TheTopTens

So...? - Misfire

6 You can add videos to comments on your profile
7 You can change the site's wallpaper

I will change it to Queen! - Misfire

You can also see other peoples wallpaper (Only on their profile) - aarond90

And only YOU can see the wallpaper you changed it to - aarond90

8 Private messages
9 The stories are good

To be honest, half of the stories suck on Quotev. So many cliched plots. "Oh I'm a she-wolf I'm the mate of an alpha! " "Oh there are like four guys who love me! " I have seen too much stories like that.

I never read stories on Quotev, but they probably are. - sadical

(insert shameless self-promotion) - Cyri

The stories are exeptional!

10 Almost everyone is very polite

Oh, cool! - Misfire

I got bullied on one of my accounts on Quotev recently. That Quotev account that's always been bullied has also been banned recently, because I accidentally posted a picture of two naked girls, but I deleted the post. I still got banned on that account though. - PhilTheCorgi

Everything in the Top 10, with the exception if 7 and 8, is on Wattpad. Tu punta? - Juan-Luis

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11 Create original or fan fiction stories.

I love fanfiction

It's really fun, making fanfics and stuff like that. You can share it, and add people's stories to your own library. There will be notifications when they are updated!

Also I found your account on Quotev, Hauntingbae!

My friend and I shared an account before she died, I still have it and her stories are still relevant!

12 You don't need to say your email

THIS is why I have an account for Quotev but not on TheTopTens! - Hollymint

Then I can create as many accounts as I can! :D - PhilTheCorgi

13 Friends, so many friends you can make here.
14 You can become popular and even search up your story

Or you can be unpopular and get like 2 1/2 reads (the half is me) - sadical

15 It's like home
16 The quizzes are cool

It's not as good as Playbuzz, but the quizzes there are awesome. Don't forget about them. - PhoenixAura81

17 It doesn’t lag all the time
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