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1 You can write stories , poems , etc

The stories are amazing! They inspired me to write stories

And quizzes and stories and all that. - birdechosplash

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2 Roleplays

Love to role play on quotev! Everybody is so creative!

One of my favorite things about it! This is no ordinary fanfiction site. - NerdyPweeps

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3 It has A LOT of anime fans

I can tell anise is a huge thing, and people just love them!

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4 You don't have to pay to join or pay for anything else

That's true, you don't have to pay

5 You can have followers like TheTopTens
6 You can add videos to comments on your profile
7 You can change the site's wallpaper

You can also see other peoples wallpaper (Only on their profile) - aarond90

And only YOU can see the wallpaper you changed it to - aarond90

8 Private messages
9 The stories are good

The stories are full of description, and some seem good enough to be published someday. Lots of aspiring authors are refreshing to see. There are also great virtual magazines there. - Ku

The stories are exeptional!

Apart from the werewolf sex ones they are good.

Example of generic werewolf story:

"Unlike what humans think we can control our wolf, it is the mating ceremony and I am a sweet omega I get paired with a bad mean alpha his rainbow orbs trace my body" or some crappy garbage like that.

Other than the crappy low quality werewolf stories, anything unique is worth a read. - Lunala

10 Almost everyone is very polite

Everything in the Top 10, with the exception if 7 and 8, is on Wattpad. Tu punta? - Juan-Luis

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11 Friends, so many friends you can make here.
12 You can become popular and even search up your story
13 You don't need to say your email
14 It's like home
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