Top Ten Reasons You Shouldn't Masturbate

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1 You're having sex with yourself

What is this list, is it a joke. I think it's a satirical list made to make fun of those few Christian and religious people who think masturbation is a bad thing. - DJSchollen

This list is so stupid

This list is obviously by a male, who I assume never ever does it himself... - Britgirl

No, you’re having sex with your hand. - AlphaQ

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2 It can be addicting

The only valid item on this list. But to be honest lots of things can be addicting... - CaptainMowzker

I stopped doing it. Yayayayayayayay!

Its true. 2 years, trying to stop, I think I should do something really good to other people

The only good thing on this list - Markussthemastergamer

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3 If you don't you will get more attention from females

When you don't ejaculate for a long time you hold in a lot of sperm. Humans are designed to reproduce so every time you masturbate your brain thinks your having sex or reproducing. Your brain doesn't know the difference. When you'r brain notices your not masturbating it will make your body give off pheromones to attract women and reproduce.

You do know that females can masturbate too, right? - Therandom

Thumbs down for factually true information? Hypersensitivity is what this site has too much of. - Therandom

I like to watch my girlfriend masturbate and she likes to watch me masturbate. And sometimes she gives me handjobs. So, everything on this list is a joke.

Girls masturbate to... just a FYI. - CaptainMowzker

4 Masturbation kills drive

After you masturbate you don't want to do anything you just want to sleep. Your confidence will be low and you will feel empty. People will notice it on you.

It's the other way around! People (and certainly females ) will notice that you are agressive because you to tense. Your drive and confidence works better if you release some steam once in a while.

Not really it increases your sex drive. - CaptainMowzker

5 It's a sin

Is it a sin against nature? I don't believe in god but even if I did ; isn't it god who created nature and humans after his image? If he did I'm sure that god is a masturbater too because it's a natural thing to do.

It's in the commandments

Yep! It's in the not-well-remembered eleventh commandment:
"The Lord spoke to Moses, and said: 'Thou shall not masturbate.'"

(If you are reading this from my profile page, then... this is awkward without the context...) - Atham

I don't think that there is a god, but I know it's against every living thing. And having sex with ourselves, this is not something that other living things do!

God doesn't even exist anyways.

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6 It's too distracting

It really is too distracting, I started in a young age and look at me now!

7 You will feel accomplished if you don't masturbate

If you can do something you know no one else is doing or can do you will feel like the best in the room at all times. You will be Glowing.

I was masturbating for the first time in months, the first time since I gave my life to Jesus, and that's the one that stopped me :) ty for this epic list

8 Mind fog and lack of nutrients

Again where is your proof of such a invalid claim? - CaptainMowzker

9 It will mess with your brain

How? - CaptainMowzker

10 You will appreciate women more

You wont see women as Sexual Objects and that will in turn improve your dating life. You will learn to love girls for there personalities. But don't be mistaken you will get VERY attracted to a beautiful girls even more than you did before but that's a good thing.

I can partially agree with this but not because I think more of a woman when I don't masturbate but because when I do it too much I notice more trivial things my partner does that I don't like. When I don't do it too much I often notice more things I like. Strange

Depends on what you're jerking it to. There's a big difference between porn and, say, erotica.

That's maybe ok if you want to stay in the friendzone but when the times come that she want to have sex ( yes, girls want and like sex! ) you will be a totally loser.

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11 You will think about sex when you're not supposed to be

People can think about sex whenever they want... it's the matter of actually doing it that might be a concern. - CaptainMowzker

12 You will be a beast by nature

After not masturbating for a long time you're temper will get worse. You will say anything to anyone you will be scared of nothing. If you see a hot girl your brain will force you to talk to her because it wants to reproduce. Basically you will be King Kong on the inside.

You need sex. And giving it to yourself can be nice. But if you don't you will become anxious, eager, you will not be afraid to talk to chicks, you will lose all fear, you will try everything, thus increasing chances of getting laid

This claim is ridiculous... it really is... - CaptainMowzker

13 It's gross

The person that added this must also think having sex with someone else is gross, and will most likely never have a spouse or children. - yaygiants16

I like to swallow not spit

Not really. If you do it in the privacy of your own home and clean up afterwards, then it's perfectly fine.

Not really if it's done in private... but if it's done in public that's a different story. - CaptainMowzker

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14 You won't put women on a pedestal

You're not suppose to put women on pedestals... I think that's one of the things they hate. They want an Alpha not a stool. A necklace is what I would give to my wife after 2 years of marriage not to some skank I want to shag... get real.

You will never put a women's needs above yours because you know that you don't need sex that much. You wont buy her a necklace just because she may give it up for you or anything like that.

15 Feeling guilt

Yeah... Fap on

16 You will gain the upper hand in a relationship

The girl will not own you, she cannot use sex as a weapon or take it off the table or anything like that. In fact She will probably be the one asking you for it.

17 You're testosterone will be through the roof

There's a reason boxers withhold sex before a fight. Testosterone is what makes you a man if you have more than another man you will be more manly therefore get more dates,success in life etc...

18 Your life will be overall better

You will awake every morning knowing that you are probably one of the only people on planet earth that doesn't touch themselves and you will feel AWESOME.

Grow that bank account, quit spending all the time

Yeah you 're right

19 Some porn can dirty your soul

Some porn can ruin your inner beauty. With grimy, degrading, self loss of integrity. And can desensitize the raw emtion of slow love and innocents in the we naturally felt chemistry with females as a kids. And you can watch porn with chicks who are mean to men who have no choice of what their given some can sweat hearts to. But I believe we are not doomed by gentics we can grow into anything as long as our heats and mind are in the right spot. We have a sound mind.

You don't have to masturbate to porn. There are other options, like erotic stories... or even your own imagination.

It doesn't really ruin anyone... granted you can always choose something other than just porn. - CaptainMowzker

You don’t have to masturbate to porn. You can beat your meat to anything else. - AlphaQ

20 It makes you seem desperate

It's just weird and not right. - Catlover2004

21 Overdoing it can cause mood swings

Where is your proof of this claim? - CaptainMowzker

There’s no proof lil boi. - AlphaQ

22 Overdoing it can lead to depression

This is true. I've been masturbating for a whole week and it's made me instantly depressed. It really is a side effect of overdoing it.

Nah, it makes you happier. - AlphaQ

I've seen no proof that it leads to depression... like at all... - CaptainMowzker

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