Top Ten Reasons You Shouldn't Swim In a Unknown and Lonely Lake Situated In a Forest

You are in a wild forest and you see a lake in front of you. The lake is too calm and you don't know much about the place and the lake. The lake is away from human settlement, so therefore you weren't able to get others opinions on this matter.

The Top Ten

The Lake Can Be the Home of a Group of Alligators

Really true, Kieretsunu! I checked this list bcos the title was long and interesting... Bye! - HezarioSeth

The Water Can Be Poisonous

There can be many factors why the water can be poisonous. High cyanide content, too much acidity, etc. - Kiteretsunu

Well, yes, this is a good factor to take into consideration I suppose... - Britgirl

I've played a lot of RPGs, and even though a lot of forest springs are nice, I just can't trust going anywhere near the water. You have no idea what it could have in it, even your skin could get contaminated. - NuMetalManiak

Because the Lake Is Unknown

This would make me want to swim in the lake more, actually. - Minecraftcrazy530

It just could be

Possibility of a Bull Shark
Deadly Germs Could Have Contaminated the Water

Too many Protozoans can be the reason. - Kiteretsunu

Still tempted to go for a swim? Cross your fingers there's no Naegleria fowleri lurking in there. - Entranced98


Unknown Underwater Creatures May Attack You
The Lake Water Maybe Radioactive
It Could Be a Portal to the Unknown Where the Beast Lives

I would be so scared!

That would be scary! - cosmo

If you didn't get the title I'm talking about the pond that transported Wirt and Greg (From over the garden wall) to the unknown. LOL I'm so clever!

You May Drown
It Could Be a Portal to Hell

legit - Zalgiris

The Contenders

The Water Can Be Too Hot Because Its Source Is a Natural Hot-spring
The Water Maybe Polluted Beyond Belief

Sometimes my dog does this and we think, "Are you actually going to swim in that?!?! " The answer is always yes. - PositronWildhawk

Lol, this title is fantastic! - keycha1n

The Water May Contain Arsenic
You Can't Swim
You may contract... Dysentery
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