Top Ten Reasons You Think Administration in TheTopTens Is Dead

Add some items or comments if you are not guilty... or just delete my list as you have already done several times. This site needs improvement, that's for sure. Why do you always turn your back on that? It's about time a person from the Administration to give some explanations. Many people has supported The TopTens and you seem absent when you should give people an explanation for the way you delete lists or for the reason it takes days for you to do your job!

The Top Ten

1 There are bots and not people behind this site

Laugh out loud there are not bots behind this site! - PatrickStar

If you thought the site was dead in 2013, Imagine what the visitor would be like if he came today in 2016.

2 Certain mistakes are always there
3 There are people but they are lazy or don't care much
4 The administration is never helpful here so maybe there are not actual people behind it

You don't have to be sorry Britgirl if you don't feel really sorry about that. Don't do that to yourself. It's interesting that you speak for other members as well... Don't confuse my heart with the doubts I have for certain things that happen here. If the administration has really good reason about acting the way they do, there is no harm to write something about it. It would be actually helpful. Of course some people can't be really helpful and they pretend that everything is okay when in fact there are certain issues. Anyway, I wish you the same. Live, laugh and love!

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5 Lack of sensitivity for certain issues here
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