Top Ten Reasons You Want to Be Younger

Do you ever want to be younger, whether a few years or a few decades? Then post YOUR reason for wanting to be younger!

The Top Ten

1 Things I Regret

Sometimes I want to go back in time and fix things I did that was wrong, stupid, or humiliating, and I would give anything to actually be in presence of that time frame and do things right! - IITigerKittyII

Well, there is a difference between going back in time and getting younger. - Kiteretsunu

2 I Looked Better

Actually, it sometimes seems that I looked better younger, maybe cuter or better-looking, and I really want to go back and relive those moments! - IITigerKittyII

For me, it's the opposite. I used to be that chubby little blonde kid. Now I'm that slim muscular blonde kid. - PetSounds

I'm like Spence in my opinion too. Though I'm not quite pretty, just prettiER. Lol! - keycha1n

3 Life Was Simply...Better

I don't know... It was just easier living back then when I had less things to worry about and I didn't give a darn about my future, I just lived in the present! - IITigerKittyII

I didn't have to deal with school and the drama that comes with it. Life was nice back then. - Minecraftcrazy530

4 Less Homework

I remember I used to forget my homework all the time. Now I envy my one math paper life. Luckily, I'm much more responsible now, but I still procrastinate a lot. That being said, my parents also don't check my homework and make me do it over and over again. - keycha1n

Hell yeah. Who has time for (1, 0)(c, d) = (1. c − 0. d, 1. d + 0. c) = (c, d)? Not me. - IITigerKittyII

5 Video Games

Hey! My red roses have to grow, and I have to get them black ones! Not to mention I have to collect all of the minimalist-themed furniture and stuff! Oh, I just unlocked Kirby and I've got to play it! I heard its special power is to shove all the players in a soup and stir it... AWESOME! Back then, I could actually play video games, but now only IMMATURE people can play. -_- - IITigerKittyII

6 You Live Longer

The best reason that should be number one.

7 No Work
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