Top Ten Reasons Younger Siblings and Older Siblings Are Equally As Annoying

This website sure loves to hate its younger siblings, but older siblings as just as bad. Note: I have no experience with younger siblings, but it would be great to be somewhere in the middle.

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1 Older siblings abuse their authority while younger siblings try to steal authority

Not neccessarily, the older siblings part really depends on the person.
And a younger sibling can be nice too.

One of my many gripes about this world is some people's mindset of how the oldest person should have the most power and the people who are at a younger age get less power and are thought as inferior. I have always despised this, especially in school where some teachers do abuse their authority. While I don't have any older siblings, (and instead, a younger one) I feel as though that one's age shouldn't be synonymous with being better, because sometimes, that is not always going to be the case. Now, as for older siblings abusing their "power" over younger siblings, I have admittedly done this in the past. In retrospect, it was perhaps not the best idea. After all, I, the oldest sibling, is not the parent. Still, if she is heading off to do something dangerous, I am going to tell her to stop before she gets hurt. But at the end of the day, parents should treat both children equally. Both children, young AND old, should share the same amount of power.

I'm not so much abusing it as I am stepping in because my sister is spoiled rotten. - Cyri

I'm the older sibling and I have no authority...

2 Younger siblings and older siblings both tease the other

Younger siblings often tease their older siblings trying to have fun. This is probably because the older sibling won't teach the younger sibling right while they're young. If the older sibling or the parent taught the younger sibling not to tease when they were little, it wouldn't be a problem. Also keep in mind younger siblings wanna have fun with their older siblings, but don't know how since they're both so different (or the older sibling doesn't want to) and resort to egging the older on. Older siblings can do the same thing as a reaction or because they'd been getting fed up with the younger sibling or just to see their reaction. Younger siblings don't pick up as many social skills because the parents are too busy teaching the younger siblings that the older siblings are above them, and could be because it's harder to take care of 2 kids and teach them appropriate social skills than one is. - Turkeyasylum

My older sisters used to gang up together to make fun of me. Sure, I was being a wuss because I'd cry about it all the time, but that wasn't just to have a bit of fun. It was 24/7 destruction of my self-esteem and probably really held back my development of social skills. - keycha1n

Hey, that sounds like what me and my brother due to my littlest brother! Yes, I'm guilty. - Therandom

I've actually grown out of it, and I grew out of it when I was becoming a teenager. My younger brother if fifteen, and still immature and annoying. Everything I did to him, he would blow beyond proportion. - PositronWildhawk

I always get in trouble for this, my middle brother is really sensitive, and gets offended by every insult. Meanwhile, I usually brush off insults. I'm not that much of an emotional person. - Therandom

3 Older siblings never let you borrow anything while younger siblings lose your stuff

I have a real reason: it always comes back broken or missing!

Older siblings simply don't trust younger siblings with their stuff because younger siblings can often lose the older sibling's things. Just keep in mind older siblings, you probably lost your stuff when you were their age. A popular issue with younger siblings is also claiming stuff as theirs, but of the older sibling doesn't use it, you might as well give it away. Older siblings can be annoying when they don't let younger siblings borrow something, even when the older sibling doesn't use the item at all. It's like your grandma just baked delicious cookies. You ask for one, she says no. You ask what she'll do with them, she says she won't eat them, but won't give them away.

Does that sound logical to you? - Turkeyasylum

Yes, we've all lost things so young, but it's not someone elses. For example, if I lost my phone it wouldn't be as bad as if I lost my friend's phone, because she trusted me with it and now she has to replace it. Also, I use all my items, so the grandma thing won't apply to me, but at the end of the day it's the grandma's cookies and she could do what she pleases with them. - ToptenPizza

My younger cousins sometimes will DESTROY stuff so I don't let them touch my stuff because I'm afraid that they'll destroy them.

Me and my sister both do both of these things equally

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4 Younger siblings and older siblings both complain they have the hardest position

Younger Siblings: Get many hand me downs and get pushed around by older siblings.

Older Siblings: Have to deal with brats in their lives and have all the pressure on them and get blamed for everything.

Whose position is worse?

Oh youngest definitely has it easier. I can vouch for that myself. There are the downsides; no pictures, teasing, being pushed around, condescended upon, biases from what your siblings have done, no new things whatsoever... But we also aren't the Guinea pig (our parents know how to parent by now), predictability because our siblings have gone through what you have in school, we aren't going to be blamed for being bad role models for our other siblings, we wont have the highest expectations or the most responsibility, we wont have to set an example, we wont have our stuff constantly meddled in, and we wont have to lug around another child while we're trying to grow up. I acknowledge the privileges I have as a youngest child and it's definitely easier. - keycha1n

Yeah, this is true. Me and my friends who are the oldest all think we have the hardest positions because we have to take all the responsibility and do the most work, and we always get blamed for everything. But I have a friend who is the youngest who says her mom let's her brother tease her and he always abuses authority and makes her do stuff like walk the dog when it's his turn. Can we all agree on one thing: it's good we aren't the middle child, because then you wouldn't get to do all the cool stuff the older sibling does because you're too young, but you aren't given all the attention and most care because you're too old to be babied like the youngest. But I'd still rather be the youngest. - ToptenPizza

Which position is the hardest? BOTH of them! Younger siblings have a ton to go through and so do older siblings. Older siblings compare they have to do chores at a young age and look over the younger siblings, but the chores help them mature and be better off in the end. And most older siblings wouldn't have to look after the younger siblings if the parents treated siblings more equally. Younger siblings have to watch their older siblings do these cool things before they get to do them, which is pure torture in my mind. It makes the younger siblings become meaner as they try to aggresively steal things out of pure curiosity (such as an R rated movie). Also, younger siblings are often not as liked and feel less welcomed because the older siblings expect the younger siblings to be at the same maturity level as them. News flash: The younger siblings need TIME and DISCIPLINE FROM PARENTS to mature! - Turkeyasylum

5 Younger siblings try to be like the older sibling and the older sibling tries to force their beliefs on to the younger

This is true

For me, it's the younger sibling who forces me to like everything he likes. I'm my own person, and he can't change that. It's a concept he needs to be familiar with. I can't get one day where he's not repetitively making me watch sports and listen to hip-hop. - PositronWildhawk

My older brother hates thet I don't like anything he likes and tries to get me and my older siblings (mostly my most political sister) to like football and not hate Michael vic. It's so annoying. But with my sister she teaches me what she knows and it works well

This works out well with one of my older sibs but badly with another my immediate elder hates thet I am the polor opposite of him while the one above him is just like me and loves that I exel at the areas they can teach me

6 Younger siblings don't tell right from wrong apart as much, but older siblings can get arrogant

Younger siblings obviously don't know as much right from wrong due to their lack of maturity. I hadn't matured until a few years ago, and trust me, I was REALLY immature a few years ago. Luckily I hadn't discovered the beauties of the Internet back then... I would've been a troll then. Like I said earlier, this is because parents are too busy with two siblings to teach the younger sibling like they did with the older sibling. Older siblings see that the younger sibling isn't as developed and start to think the younger sibling is some sort of sub-human and that they're better. Their arrogance can lead to the older sibling developing immaturity again while the younger sibling picks these up, too. My two older siblings fought and I picked that up, which taught me some bad social skills I'm STILL trying to rub off. And for a person with autism like me, it can be difficult. - Turkeyasylum

7 Older siblings and younger siblings use each other as scapegoats

To this day, my brother and I STILL use each other as scapegoats and we're 16 and 14. When our bedroom gets messy (70% due to me, 30% due to him), my brother says "It was all Noah! ". I then reply "Some of the mess was yours! ", and my mom still accepts the former's answer. Sometimes I get stuck cleaning ALL of the trash, even my brother's trash. I can't get away with scapegoating because my mom beloeves my brother's right because "he's older". Some of it might be that I was NOTORIOUS for lying before I matured and she still hasn't gotten over my past. - Turkeyasylum

LOL. My parents are the opposite. I'm older and "more responsible" according to them so I have to clean up after my younger sister quite a bit. - PianoQueen

Honestly, it's the first thing that comes to mind in an argument. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

8 Younger siblings and older siblings equally complain about sharing

We all want our own stuff. Unfortunately, when there's only three bedrooms for the children and four kids, two are stuck sharing a bedroom. I'm forced to share a rooom with my older brother and we both hate sharing. I try to keep my stuff to the side, but my older brother piles his mess up and I pile my mess up of course (because I'm pretty lazy). We also don't get very much privacy as we have to share our bedroom, and we don't get as much space and don't get to express much about us in our bedrooms. At least my sister's moving out for college and giving me her bedroom... - Turkeyasylum

9 Older siblings and younger siblings both lie about each other

Unfortunately, we're not to the point in society where everyone tells the truth. In fact, we're getting further away from that as we speak. Younger siblings often lie about their older siblings doing bad things, and I can admit I did that when I was littler. Often, the parent wasn't there when it happened, so the parent ends up in a pickle deciding which story to go with. Older siblings also lie about their younger siblings doing bad things purely to get them in trouble just like some younger siblings do, too. In fact, my brother and my sister both did that, saying I "yelled at them" whentp they yelled at me first. My mom said they had the rights to yell because they were older, but I didn't. Isn't that complete bull? - Turkeyasylum

10 Older siblings were just like the younger siblings when they were their age

Not true at all. Before my brother came along, I was the only child. If it had been kept that way, I wouldn't have been pestered by my younger sibling, and I would have nobody to annoy back. There would be no competition, no challenge to what I can do with my choices, and I wouldn't have had to do any better or worse to change how I was treated, which is what children living together ultimately compete for. - PositronWildhawk

The thing is, the older sibling looks up to the parent since they have no older siblings themselves. The older sibling then annoys the parent in a similar sustem to the younger sibling-older sibling combo. The younger siblings annoys the older sibling because they look up to the older sibling like they're a role model. When the older sibling tells them to go away, it angers the younger sibling and causes half the "younger sibling problems" most people speak of.

Thanks for reading! - Turkeyasylum

Hopefully my sister wasn't anything like me, that would mean big trouble for me. Another thing I hate is when teachers are like, "oh I had your older sister" and then they base all your actions off of what they would've done. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Not true. My little brother will literally cry over everything, and he sleeps in my dad and mom's bed all the time. And he's 9... I never did that stuff. - Therandom


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11 Love hate relationships
12 They hate each other

No we don't.

Me and my sister don't

13 Constant sibling rivalry drama

Me and my sisters constantly rival.

So true

14 Older siblings only care about themselves


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1. Younger siblings try to be like the older sibling and the older sibling tries to force their beliefs on to the younger
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1. Older siblings abuse their authority while younger siblings try to steal authority
2. Older siblings never let you borrow anything while younger siblings lose your stuff
3. Younger siblings and older siblings both tease the other

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