Top 10 Reasons Your Comments Get Disliked


The Top Ten

1 Lack of respect

Apparently some of my comments get disliked, and I really don't know why. In my eyes, I say absolutley nothing wrong. - RockFashionista

2 Lack of opinions

Everyone has a different opinion okay. - Userguy44

3 They're dumb
4 They're about death
5 If you like Justin Bieber

You've got a point. - Minecraftcrazy530

Anyone who says the slightest bit of anything positive about JB on this site gets disliked comments.

6 If it's not true
7 If you disagree

Exactly, like making a negative comment on a "Best things" list - yatharthb

Except for "Best Justin Bieber Songs" because you know. That list is bad. - CasinLetsGoBowling

8 They have strong swearing

So? Some people swear, some don't. But as long as the user is NOT swearing directly at someone, then it's all good! 👍

9 If you dislike a good thing

Also called the "unpopular opinion"

I have like 100 disliked comments because I made a list of how I HAVE AN OPINION! - AnonymousChick

10 If the person disliking your comment is a troll

Oh gosh! - Userguy44

The Contenders

11 Grammar mistakes
12 If it's offensive
13 You do not know how to write a decent review
14 If it's duplicated
15 They're mean
16 If they are untrue
17 They are all in caps
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