Top 10 Reasons Zootopia Hating Needs to Stop

I respect if you didn't like the movie, but can you stop spreading your opinion everywhere? I can name a few users that will just not stop complaining about this movie. But I won't. Point is, haters really need to quit complaining about this fairly mild Disney movie, whether it's a schtick or not.

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1 The hating is clearly bandwagoning

A particular user once commented that Zootopia was a good movie. Then this user just wouldn't stop hating on it. Obviously some haters are just bandwagoning for attention.

Hop on the bandwagon, folks! The only cost is your likability!

Remember my cringeworthy phase and when this stupid controversy happened? Yeah, bad times... - DCfnaf

Dumbest "controversy" ever. - Therandom

2 The movie actually has a good message

True, but I still found it like something that deviant art puked out

Which is all anyone cares about and contrary to popular belief DOESN'T override or negate the lame plot, terrible puns, annoying song, one-dimensional characters, and overused plot twist. The Message doesn't make it better than any other movie.

Yes, but acknowledge it's for kids and kids movies almost always tend to have some message to send.

Good message? It has politics, racism and naked animals, how is that a good message. - darthvadern

Well it does have a good main moral in that anyone can do anything regardless of your background and appearance. And as for the whole racism and politics thing, well there wasn't that much of politics in there, but the racism aspect needed to be there because the whole point of the movie was to show that despite onset prejudices and stereotypes that you can strive to be anything you wish to be. Also the naked animal thing was only for like one scene and it doesn't play a big role in the movie (plus the setting was at a nude spa or something, also you do have to take into account that nudity is something that isn't always taboo in other countries). - Anonymousxcxc

I didn't see any real message in any of the Despicable Me movies, or even FROZEN. In Zootopia, the message was clear.

3 The haters clearly don't respect the people that loved the movie

Agreed. This list is full of Zootopia haters. - pixel0501

My motto is, "I will not respect people that can't respect my likings." So if you can't respect that I like this, why should I try and deal with you?

Um, hello, I am a hater and I CAN respect if they have good reasons to like it. - darthvadern

4 The movie is still young

It came out in 2016. Snow Whtie came out in 1937 and people still bring it up. How do you feel now?

5 The movie doesn't have toilet humor

Only the naked animals, and that's pretty much it, I'm not sure if the scene where they went down the toilet counts as toilet humor? - VideoGamefan5

Norm of the North had really crappy humor, while Zootopia was pretty funny.

They complain that all movies have toilet humor, yet when a movie doesn't then they hate on it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 There is no legit explanation towards their hatred

Seriously, I am so sick and tired of seeing these childish haters who clearly haven't even seen the film making false assumptions about the plot supposedly being "cliché", the characters being "one-dimensional", or the message somehow "promoting political correctness" when a single viewing of the movie is enough to disprove all of those things. It's time for these people to grow up and accept the fact that people like me enjoyed Zootopia precisely because it told a timeless, coherent story with compelling characters and a message that actually delves into how things like PC culture, identity politics, and guilt by association can be destructive (Do you think it was any coincidence that the most feninist character in the movie ended up actually being the main villain while the main protagonist states that "life's more complicated than some slogan on a bumper sticker" at the end? ), which was not only a welcome change from the usual "go woke or go broke" mentality that's poisoning ...more

Really, just explain why you didn't like the movie, rather than hate it because the fans are crazy or something.

People keep saying it is an "SJW movie" but they either have 0 idea what the term means or just jump on the bandwagon. How is telling people to be accepting of other skin colors "SJW"? It is just telling you to be nice to a person and judge them based on their personality, not their skin color or gender. It is a basic life lesson that has been around for generations. What great way to tell your young kid this than a story about animals with a fun mystery? I admit the social issues parts of the movie were a little cringey, but they would aways follow up with a funny scene/joke which made them bearable. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Ok, I'l make a post on why I hate this movie so much, it will come on less than a hour. - darthvadern

7 The movie isn't as overrated as people say it is

Really guys? Do you even know what overrated means? Surely there are some misconceptions in your brain's dictionary. A movie released in 2016 and being popular doesn't make it overrated. It being ahead of "classics" on some lists (out of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS) doesn't make it overrated. Face it. It's just a single site. Then there are Disney movies released much earlier people still bring up. Some of those can be defined as "overrated." I don't know why people misuse this word so often, but it needs to stop.

Of course it is, it's always in the top 3 in every best 2016 list! - darthvadern

Overrated - receives too much credit for what it really is.
People really don't understand the definition of overrated, it doesn't mean bad, I explained it up there. The movie really isn't overrated. Compare it the much older Disney films.

"Overrated - receives too much credit for what it really is"

This really is just a lot of pop culture references in the name of easy laughs, a plot reeking of a watered-down episode of CSI/Criminal Minds/Bones/NCIS/WhateverOtherSHowOfThatIlk, a Good Message that's already all over Tumblr/Facebook/OtherSocialMedia, one-dimensional characters, and bad jokes. Yet here's everyone calling it a "true masterpiece", "best Disney movie ever", etc. Oh yeah and it's ahead of- among others- Pulp Fiction, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Jurassic Park, all three Toy Story movies, Alien and Aliens, Saving Private Ryan, Reservoir Dogs, The Wizard of Oz, and Rocky on the Best Theatrical Movies of All Time list. Sounds overrated- very much so- to me.

8 The hate comments aren't constructive

Not a single negative comment on Zootopia I've seen is constructive in any bit. Either it's just a joke, being plain rude, or just saying it's bad without justification.

"It's not overrated! " "It's not a Tumblr/SJW movie! " "It has a great message! " Hot news, those aren't constructive, either.

9 The same people will not stop complaining about this movie

Pretty self explanatory. Anywhere they see something with Zootopia on it they'll have to complain. Shut up for once, we get it.

10 It annoys everyone

We all either like or hate this movie, and haters just annoy everyone that loved the movie with their complaining. Really, stop.

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11 The haters are Lion King fans who are jealous of another film's success

Its funny because The Lion King (all three films) and Zootopia are literally two of my favorite Disney films. This reason is invalid. - Pony

Whoever added this, how do you know they don't like both? - 906389

Um, I like The Lion King and I also like Zootopia... This item is weird. - PeeledBanana

I wouldn't say that...

12 So the fans can stop whining
13 The sooner everyone stops talking about it altogether, the sooner it will be forgotten and no longer an issue
14 It's not about African-American racism
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