Reasons Zootopia is Better Than Norm of the North


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1 Better Animation

The animation was good enough - Epikrika

You're comparing Justin Bieber to Adolf Hitler here. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Both have mediocre animation. - darthvadern

This pretty much proves that you're only hating the movie just to hate it - MegaSoulhero

I like Zootropolis/Zootopia and hate Norm but this list is pointless honestly - B1ueNew

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2 Norm of the North is Political, Zootopia is Not

Agreed. Zootopia is the greatest Disney movie since lion king.

You just made this list to attack me, didn't you? - darthvadern

HOW is it political? - darthvadern

@darthvadern you've been watching too much politics

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3 It Doesn't Have Lemmings Peeing in Fish

Duh, it was only a few seconds. - darthvadern

That's hilarious

4 Better Characters

Sloths anybody? - darthvadern

Norm is the best protagonist you could ever get in a movie

5 Norm is Overrated, Zootopia Isn't

How is it overrated when a lot of people hate it? - darthvadern

Zootopia is frigging overrated

Norm is underrated

6 Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are Inspiring, Norm Isn't.
7 Zootopia Doesn't Treat the Audience Like Morons.
8 Zootopia Has a Message

Well, Norm is heaetwarming. - darthvadern

9 Zootopia is Funny, Norm Has Crappy Humor

I had myself laughing to death at Norm of the North

I never laughed at Zootopia. - darthvadern

Just because you didn't find it funny doesn't mean everyone didn't. - naFrovivuS

10 Zootopia Isn't Made to Make Merchandise

MY BAD, this item was originaly, meant for "reasons zootopia is better than minions" - VideoGamefan5

Haha, very funny, BUT THIS ITEM IS WRONG! - darthvadern

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11 Norm of the North Made Less Money

HOW is THIS a REASON!? - darthvadern

12 Zootopia is Not Insulting
13 No lame pop culture references
14 Better Morals
15 No urine jokes

(Splashy sounds) - Epikrika

16 Zootopia Took Longer to Finish

About 3 years total, 1 year of planning, 1 year of writing and animating, and almost another year of perfecting. Meanwhile Norm of the North took, well, let's just say it took much shorter to finish. Goes to show when you rush things, they get little appreciation. - naFrovivuS

This means that Zootopia spent more time thinking about how everything should go, Norm of the North is cliche, repetitive, and annoying in my opinion

So what

17 Zootopia Isn't Low Budget
18 Better Background
19 Smarter Characters.
20 No Humans
21 The Sushi Restaurant Scene
22 Zootopia Was Made by Disney, Norm Was Not
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1. Norm of the North is Political, Zootopia is Not
2. Better Animation
3. Better Characters
1. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are Inspiring, Norm Isn't.
2. Zootopia Doesn't Treat the Audience Like Morons.
3. Better Animation


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