Best Recovered Memories from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Top Ten

1 Zelda's Awakening Zelda's Awakening

I'm sure everyone was thinking, "EXPECTO PATRONUM! ".

2 Despair Despair
3 Zelda's Resentment Zelda's Resentment

I'm sure everyone was thinking, "Excuuse me, Princess! "

4 Blades of the Yiga Blades of the Yiga
5 Urbosa's Hand Urbosa's Hand
6 Silent Princess Silent Princess
7 Father and Daughter Father and Daughter
8 The Master Sword The Master Sword
9 Slumbering Power Slumbering Power
10 Subdued Ceremony

The Contenders

11 To Mount Lanayru To Mount Lanayru
12 Revali's Flap Revali's Flap
13 Mipha's Touch Mipha's Touch
14 Daruk's Mettle Daruk's Mettle
15 Return of Calamity Ganon Return of Calamity Ganon
16 Shelter from the Storm
17 Resolve and Grief
18 A Premonition
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