Best Red Dead Redemption II Characters

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1 Arthur Morgan Arthur Morgan is the central character and main protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2. He is portrayed by Roger Clark.

Such an amazing character. Reading his diary and hearing his conversations with members of the gang really showed his softer side. I really love how his character evolves through the story.

One of the best video game protagonists in any game I've played. Hands down a great character. Roger Clark (His voice actor) did an awesome job.

Sacrificed himself for the future Of Marston Family
Such an amazing character

Arthur is one of the best video game characters of all time, really

2 Dutch Van Der Linde

Dutch is a very charismatic leader, who needs more of his story explored. Even though he becomes an antagonist at the end I still think he redeemed himself at the end. He even says that he didn't join Micha, but tried to kill him! He need his own DLC to explore his story.

While I love Arthur I have to vote for Dutch. He's easily the most well written character and it's almost unbelievable to see how well his character is set up for the first game over the course of RDR2 story.

He has a plan.

3 John Marston

One of the Best Character of the Game

Amazing character.

4 Sadie Adler

Sadie is a big part of the storyline. She's awesome and a beautiful warrior

she's very independent and one of my favorites

Best female character ever

This woman is RDR 2’s Bonnie

5 Charles Smith

he's one of the most reasonable people

6 Hosea Matthews

He's funny and is more of a father to anyone in the gang than Dutch. He was the reason Dutch was kept sane and it was his death that removed the shackles of the rage within Dutch. His interactions with Arthur and the rest of the gang members was pretty entertaining too.

arthur's dad

I LOVE HOSEA MATTHEWS! [I hate the pinkertons]

7 Micah Bell

Good antagonist, I also think he’s funny.

8 Lenny Summers

How the hell is he not on the list yet but Micah is 3.

Lenny... How old was he when he died?

9 Sean Macguire

Give some love to de irish

10 Uncle

Uncle is awesome he says some funny things


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11 Abigail Roberts
12 Javier Escuella

everyone is saying that he was a bad guy and whatever. But he was a pretty cool guy, he was just really loyal to Dutch

He's a jerk

13 Josiah Trelawny
14 Rains Fall
15 Karen Jones

She's an amazing character, and very useful. It's just sad that Sean's death hit her so hard.

Amazing Character

16 Molly O'Shea
17 Bill Williamson
18 Kieran Duffy

Did not deserve that brutal death. He was so sweet and kind.

19 Mary-Beth

She's Sexy.

20 Reverend Swanson
21 Jack Marston
22 Gavin

man's been missing for a while


23 Mary Linton
24 Susan Grimshaw

she's the mother figure of the camp and I love her

When she took Arthur's side instead of Dutch's, I started to really like her, too bad she just **** 5 seconds later.

25 Eagle Flies
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