Top Ten Red Hot Chili Pepper Songs with Josh Klinghoffer

I think that the Peppers' two most recent albums, I'm With You and The Getaway, are underrated. John Frusciante is my favorite RHCP guitarist (not to mention one of my favorite guitarists EVER), and we all know he's the man. But it's time to give his follow up and long time collaborator, Josh Klinghoffer some time in the spotlight. Think of him as Luigi and John as Mario. Thus, this list was created. If you want to add any more songs, go ahead. I would be very happy if you supported this list, and thank you for supporting my other lists.

The Top Ten

1 Go Robot

This is an absolutely fantastic song, and this is up there with their best work. It's funky, but it's also very dance-y. It's kind of ironic, because this sounds like an 80s song, and the Peppers started in that decade (but they were much crazier and chaotic, as we all know). Klinghoffer does a great job on guitar, as he gives the song some old school funk vibe that compliments the synthesizer. Overall, a great song that will forever be a classic Peppers song. - Pony

2 Look Around

GOOD LORD, this song. I swear this is the catchiest RHCP song ever. Josh is the main reason why, because he cranks the funk up to 11 (everybody else also does a great job too). But dang, this is some stuff that Frusciante could deliver (This song already sounds like a Stadium Arcadium deep cut). It's just an amazing song! - Pony

3 The Getaway

I don't think any song could open this album as well as the title track. The guitar work on this album is great, as it goes from funky to smooth during the verse and chorus. The chorus especially kicks ass, because of great synth work by Danger Mouse, and the irresistible female lead on the vocals. It's another great song you should check out. - Pony

4 Did I Let You Know

Many people were doubtful of Josh before this album came out, but I honestly cannot see people's arguments against him after hearing this song. The guitar parts during the verse are such a JOY to listen to, and I love the riff that Josh gives us. He even gives us a good solo, and while it's not AS GOOD as the riff, it's still satisfying to hear. Man, I'm With You has great songs! - Pony

5 Encore

One of the slower songs off of The Getaway, it has an absolutely beautiful riff from Klinghoffer. Anthony Kiedis nails it on the vocals, and the pianos of this song is great. It also mentions The Beatles, which is automatically a plus for me. This is one of those Red Hot Chili Peppers songs you may not have heard of, but you must give it a good listen. You might even fall in love with this song. It's definitely one of the best off of this album. - Pony

6 Dark Necessities

This track is very different from other Peppers' songs, but still very good. This song offers a very good piano section, courtesy of Klinghoffer himself. It also has some nice guitar work, a groovy rhythm section, and an overall dramatic tone. It's a very mellow, yet somewhat sinister song that was the single of The Getaway. The guitar solo is very good, as it takes up the final minute of the song. Solid, Josh, very solid. - Pony

7 Sick Love

A nice little reggae tune, and it has one of my favorite Klinghoffer riffs. Believe it or not, it was co-written with Elton John and Bernie Taupin! Anyways, this song has a very nice and relaxing vibe, which is very fitting for the album. It also has nice pianos during the pre-chorus. It's no wonder this was chosen as the third single of the album. Plus, I love the synth solo! - Pony

8 The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

Ok, this song really grew on me. This song is kind of all over the place, but it dove nice touches. Chad's cowbell, another great Flea bass line, Kiedis' great vocal delivery, and of course those pleasant Klinghoffer guitars. While Jos takes somewhat of a backseat during the song, he does have a killer solo. While this song isn't the best of the album, it is a unique song in the Peppers' catalog. - Pony

9 Police Station

For some reason, this song gets a lot off attention from casual Peppers fans. Hmm, I wonder why? Well, it's a great song! Again, it is one of the slower jams, but it has a nice vibe and I think it's more happier sounding than Encore. It is backed by a solid Klinghoffer riff, great drumming by Chad Smith, and once again a great vocal delivery. Considering it's a song that's over five minutes, that's saying a lot. Overall, it's one of the more popular Klinghoffer songs. - Pony

10 Meet Me at the Corner

The penultimate song off of I'm With You, it is somewhat like Police Station, but somewhat less epic. Still, it's an enjoyable song, because it has very relaxed and great guitar work from Josh. Anthony Kiedis des a very good job on vocals, because you can almost sing along with him. In fact, this song is like a song you would listen to at the campfire, because it just has that late night summer-y vibe to it. It's a great song, and it's one of the best songs on the album. - Pony

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11 Goodbye Angels
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