Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs With the Best Bass

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Flea is one of the best bassists ever. But which songs does he play best on?

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1 Aeroplane

Dave Navarro's guitar can't even compare with the sounds Flea's bass is making! - GuitarZero

My first contact with the red hot. An amazing bass solo from the beginning to the end!

The whole song is a bass solo but it makes an amazing complement to the band as well, hats off to Flea on this one

The best

2 Around the World

It fools you at the start. You go "what the hell is Flea doing" and then it gets into the fast part and your like "being Flea, that's what he's doing! " - GuitarZero

Of course it's Around The World. But why isn't Knock Me Down in the list?! The bass is the first thing you hear in the chorus!

That bass


3 Soul to Squeeze

Maybe there's better but this one it the most memorable, beautiful

It doesn't squeeze your soul, it soothes it.

Easily the best

Simply magic

4 Give It Away

It's a bit hard to notice but when you do notice it, it's awesome! - GuitarZero

5 Coffee Shop

Best bass solo in history! Pure magic! - GuitarZero

Badass solo! nice one!


6 Walkabout

This is what my dreams sound like...

7 Dark Necessities

The slap bass in this song just makes me want to tap my fingers. Its excellent, it is my favorite one that I've encountered so far.

Easily the best bass on this album.

The bass on the first single from The Getaway blew me away!

This bassline is pure love! so catchy and overall one of the best songs on this album.

8 Higher Ground

This track proves that Flea is on much higher ground than any other bassist! - GuitarZero

Flea is easily the best bassist in the whole story. just sit back and listen

The best bass player fle is a genius

9 Me and My Friends
10 Tell Me Baby

The Happy Bass - matsyakaw

The Contenders

11 The Power of Equality
12 Can't Stop

You know it's good if Flea ripped of himself in The Getaway with Dark Necessities with that song (well, kinda...).

That riff is just fantastic

13 Sir Psycho Sexy
14 Behind the Sun
15 Readymade
16 True Men Don't Kill Coyotes
17 Suck My Kiss

Only 17th?!? You don't listen to that song?!? The intro is just AWESOME!

18 Salute to Kareem

Exquisite solos by everyone in this energetic instrumental. I was blown away when I listened to it.

Awesome Song! Never made the album (somehow! )

19 Otherside

Incredible bass one of the best parts of the song!

20 By the Way

Awesome bass

21 Californication

This is the best and melodic bass line ever

Such a beautiful bassline

22 Naked in the Rain
23 Nobody Weird Like Me

The intro has the fattest bass slapping intro I've ever heard in my life. There funkiest song by far - wolphert

24 Right On Time

AMAZING LINE FROM FLEA. A common disco bass pattern. Fantastic!

Fast and precise...!

25 Throw Away Your Television

It has the real funk. - Userguy44

26 The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

I so damn love the intro of this song

27 Hard to Concentrate
28 Emit Remmus
29 Get On Top

Why isn't this on here yet!?!?


30 Brendan's Death Song
31 The Righteous and the Wicked
32 Look Around

Love this song so much!

33 Easily
34 If You Have to Ask

Awesome and mesmerizing bass

35 Factory of Faith
36 Torture Me

No bass line is better than this / it gets you into the song from the start

Totally agree, best bass riff ever!

37 Get Up and Jump

An extremely hard and underrated bassline, really should be high on this list

38 Purple Stain

So funky. Chad and Flea are both at the top of their game here

Best and most noticeable bassline in RHCPs catalogue

39 Snow (Hey Oh)
40 Sick Love
41 Death of a Martian
42 Skinny Sweaty Man
43 Knock Me Down
44 Stone Cold Bush
45 This is the Place
46 Goodbye Hooray
47 Out In L.A.
48 Pea
49 Warped
50 Shallow Be Thy Game
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1. Aeroplane
2. Give It Away
3. Soul to Squeeze
1. The Power of Equality
2. Walkabout
3. Coffee Shop
1. Walkabout
2. Me and My Friends
3. Around the World


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