Don't Forget Me


Amazing song really. I like especially the Slane Castle version.

To me, this song is just a reminder that if you give up on life, you're giving up on every single thing you've ever known or seen or smelled or cared for. Sometimes fickle situations in our lives will blind us from the bigger picture.

AA amazing! Just can't be described with words... Only one thing to say: FRUSCIANTE. It all just to much, his solo and everything about this hit makes it more than wonderful. Very underestimated, deserves to be on the top 10!

This song is the kind of which flows into my ears and right into me core and I can feel it is my guts. The kind of song which is so good it hurts.

This song tells a story from the first note! Brings you on a journey and is by far the most underrated song by the peppers and my favorite

Definitely one of at least top three sad songs. From the title to the last accord. It deserves a higher place, if posts are really matters.

Very passionate. The drums fit in perfectly! The tempo adds a unique touch that only the chilli peppers could produce.

This is the best song there is, and perfectly describes The Red Hot Chili Peppers, should be #1 or at least in the top 3-5.

I've made it my goal in life to find every live version of this song and listen to it. It's just that beautiful.

Should definitely be higher up - this and suck my kiss and police station are my favorite RHCP songs!

Seriously, I am speechless how this track is not in the top 5! definitely one of the best songs.

The drums fit perfectly into this song. The slow tempo is very unique.

This song is most definitely one of my favorite songs of all time.

A little depressing, I'll admit, but still easily one of their best songs. The guitar in this song is amazing, especially live at Slane Castle. Vocals are great, too, so much emotion.

This is Red Hot Chili Peppers at their best.

Should be better known. Amazing song.

Should be Top 5, what a beautiful song!

I listened to it almost 25 times on repeat and still want to listen it more. The slane castle version is even more better especially the last part.

Likely their best song live, if you haven't seen the La Cigale performance do yourself a favour and watch that on youtube.

THE. BEST. RHCP. SONG. EVER! It's deep and meaningful, but it's still a quality tune to listen to. The live version at La Cigale is something you MUST watch. The whole band is solid, but John is just incredible