It's strange how so many amazing songs are about something as horrible as drugs and addiction. But it really makes you feel for the people who go through that. Sure many of us look down on addicts for their choices but everyone has their reasons. Its not our place to judge. I never really care for a song unless it has a meaningful message behind it like this.

I listened to this song once, and fell in love with it - literally fell in love. Everything about it - Anthony Kiedis's voice, the lyrics, the amazing guitar riffs, Flea's bass. The lyrics are truly amazing and true - true Chili Peppers. I can't give enough praise to this song... Amazing.

This song is definitely my favorite. Those deep, sad, thoughtful opening chords set the song. And the chorus is just... Wow. This song has really helped me get through a lot. Being lonely and having your life changed up--"Otherside" helped me get up every morning because it was my alarm-tone.

Amazing! I saw a little part of the video and I searched for this song like forever! And then Vh1 showed RHCP songs only! Best thing ever-song is really awesome! What more do I need to say- guitars, drums, vocals- everything about this song screams how awesome are RHCP!

Otherside. I can't listen to this song without singing along. It's a pure masterpiece, the chorus is amazing, the guitar is amazing, everything about it is. And it all goes together perfectly. It's a mixture of pure genius. I just can't really think of any adjectives that describe how good this song is. Definitely my favorite RHCP song, and probably one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time. - mikes

One of my favourite songs of all time. Anthony's voice and lyrics are amazing and it has my favourite guitar rift ever. It's only about 10 seconds before the last chorus but has such an impact. Also the backing vocals go so well with the lead.

The feeling, lyrics, the music, Anthony's voice. It makes you look at the world differently (as any chili pepper song does) but you can honestly feel the pain in the meaning of this song, it's simply extraordinary.

why is this so low?!? number 37, why? it is one of their best songs, it should be on number 5 minimal. the melody is just amazing (: it is one of those songs everyone knows and sings along!

Once you've heard this song you can't go back. You might even want to take it to the otherside yourself! For me, I love this hard melancholic bitterness, and take it on, take it on.

This song has true emotion, And a beautiful tune, The lyrics are completely different to most other Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, this really proves that they can do the smooth relaxed songs, but also songs that send meanings to most people, I Find myself listening to this song possibly more then others from RHCP

The other songs at first probably sound better, but musically this one is extremely advanced, especially in the verses. This is a great song, "I don't believe it's bad".

This should so be on top! Such pure meaning, amazing guitar play by Frusciante, and overall very deep and easy to relate to. Amazing song by an amazing band. - REMkings

Kiedis' true lyrical talent is evident here. The haunting drums, melodic guitar, and powerful bass combine with the vocals for a truly fantastic track.

I do think that Snow, Californication and Under the Bridge are better but I LIKE this one so much more. Fantastic phrasing all the way through and a lot quicker into the exciting parts than UTB and Californication. No other song ever made sounds like this, and that's why I prefer these to the others.

The riff and john frusciante backing vocals are amazing at the end is a song that represent de too sides drugs and no drugs

This song is different from any other song RHCP has done. I can relate to it so well, and I'm not just saying that. Awesome song.

Brings a tear to my eye listening to it. Talks about life and I'm confident that many people would be able to relate to it.

Whenever I listen to this song it sums up everything to me in life, perfect match of tune and lyric. Kiedis is a genius.

Ok, haters gonna hate, I think this song is better than Under the Bridge. The emotion in Otherside just seems to be a lot more raw and genuine than Under the Bridge, and this one just never gets boring to me. One of my favourite songs of all time.

Great song! From the first time I heard it I knew I liked it. Anyone who likes RHCP should buy it hands down

Really? You can't rate this song so down after listening to that solo, can you? Also the lyrics are just great.

Beautiful song, reminds mo of my friend who ended his life last month, played this at his funeral :'( RIP Jacob!

I love under the bridge but this song I love MORE! Love all their songs though my favorite band of all time.

I love all of the Chilli Peppers songs but this one has a sort of melancholic feel to it and it's powerful.

Awesome song! The sync between the bass and the drums during the awesome riff- Unbelievable quality!