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21 Breaking the Girl Breaking the Girl

Very Under-rated. One of their best songs easily. Looking for a RHCP song to do in our band, and this is a serious contender.

a slow melodic song about anthony's girlfriend. this was one of the bands first proper slow songs and it works very well - burnleyman

Such a beautiful song, and the best drum solo they've ever put out - Harleyboats

The beautiful guitar and drum tracks that explodes into the scrap metal chorus just watch funky monks and youll appreicate it allot more

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22 I Could Have Lied I Could Have Lied

Best song they ever made. Almost every song of Blood Sugar Sex Magik is fantastic, but this one is certainly the best. Especially the last chorus with the guitar

This song heals wounds no band-aid in the world could heal. It really is an amazing song, the guitar riff is full of emotion, the lyrics are amazing and the drum beat is just right. Without a doubt, the best Chili Pepper's song out there. Incredible.

Easily one of Frusciante's best solos and for that alone this needs to be way higher than it is. Very heartfelt song.

I could have lied

I'm such a fool

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23 Aeroplane Aeroplane

I don't know why but every time I listen to this song.. , I get nostalgic about my childhood..! very melodic n awesome n one of my favorite after under the bridge, give it a way and around the world.. flea is super insane son of a bitch.. anyway r. h. c. p are godfather of alternative!

another amazing navarro song that needs more attention is aeroplane, a song about how music helps anthony forget about drugs. amazing vocals by anthony and - burnleyman

A great poppy song with an amazing bass lick that gets the song going. The bass and guitar solos are phenomenal as well.

Definitely a top 10, not #22

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24 Stadium Arcadium Stadium Arcadium

Am really sad to see the list here. What on earth stadium arcadium doing at no.31? And the saddest part is its far behind the adventures of rain dance maggie.

Very good and underrated song. Should be in at least top 10. Great music and very pleasing. I recommend this 2 everyone 2 listen it at least once.

I really love this song is beautiful and gets excited! I wish they play this song in the concert in Barcelona in December!

Just a genius song with amazing background vocals. It's so similar to californication and totally should be in the top ten. So underrated

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25 Parallel Universe Parallel Universe

Vocals. Drums. Guitar. Bass... All perfect which means the song is prefect also...

I can play it on guitar! Awesome song! The vocals are amazing and fleas bass is as always sweet

I can't believe this song didn't reach top ten, for me one of the best songs, the lyrics are very intense. The more you listen to it, the better it gets.

This is definitely top 5, don't know what its doing here.

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26 Hey Hey

The band taps into an extraordinary/beautiful groove here. One of Flea's personal favorite basslines, topped off by a cool/jazzy drum beat and incredible lyrics/vocals. But John's guitar (in the verses and solo bits) alone should earn this one a spot in the top 10. In the likely case you haven't heard it, change that.

How isn't this up there at the top, the bass in this alone is so jazzy and the guitar solo is beautiful. Great combination!

I LOVE this song! It is EXTREMELY underrated. Deserves a place in top 10!

27 Desecration Smile Desecration Smile

That's the best song of RHCP, only "snow" can be before "Desecration smile", but anyway, desecration smile may be in the top.

Its funny how nobody ever talks about this one. I can't stop listening to it - its got such a beautiful chorus and great, soothing musicianship. How is this not everyone's favorite, or at least one of them?

ITs just so peaceful to the ear. The harmony bring me to a better time in life. I listened to most they songs, but I like this a lot

It's surprising that this song is so far down on the list. I guess not many people have heard this song, but it is just so peaceful to hear. Plug in your headphones and take a walk in a cool breezy evening - this song will perfectly complement the setting.

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28 Slow Cheetah Slow Cheetah

Clearly all you chili pepper fans aren't fans (or haven't listened to this song enough)... If you took the time to figure out the lyrics to this masterpiece you'd spend the rest of your living days... It's a brilliant piece of work! Most of the top 10 listed here are the top pop 10... Not the peppers' 10 best songs...

You haven't heard true beauty until you have heard this song; every time I listen to this song, no matter how sad I am it always stirs emotions deep within me. That acoustic guitar riff is hauntingly beautiful and the ending is just insane; so different from anything I've ever heard but still beautiful.

One of the greatest melodic rock song I've ever heard.. hats off to rhcp for dis one - Abhay

This song is just a peace of ART.
When you listen to the lyrics you just fall in love with this band.

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29 My Friends My Friends

I would say is the RHCP best song, but surely it's a top 10 song, best song on One Hot Minute! Under the Bridge is rightly fully number 1 so I've voted for this instead it should be much higher up the list. Maybe fans forget about this because it's a Navarro song, don't get me wrong Frusciante is way better, but Navarro did manage to contribute to some good songs, this being his best RHCP song

How can I describe this song? Well considering the tension going on, this is truly a light in a dark tunnel. This song kept their heads above water.

This song deserves to be in the top 10 is a masterpiece, everything is perfect.

This song is really beautiful, gives me chills every time I listen to it.

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30 She Looks to Me She Looks to Me

One of the best, amazing melody and lyrics. Its just so calm and soothing. Should be at least in the top 10 :/

Beautiful song. One of the better songs of stadium arcadium

This is one of my favorite songs on my favorite album

Best Song Ever, and I love Songs about Girls

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31 This is the Place This is the Place

Should definitely be higher. This Is The Place, lyrically, is probably one of the best Red Hot Chili Peppers songs ever. Has an amazing tune with a fantastic baseline and is unbelievably easy to listen to over and over again. Easily top 10 material

Amazing song, should be higher in my opinion

One of the greatest, most original Chilis songs ever written. It's actually amazingly underrated. Should easily be in the Top 10.

32 Sir Psycho Sexy Sir Psycho Sexy

Just the most suggestive song of all time, and makes you feel like a badass player, and is definitely one of their best along with Under The Bridge, Otherside, Dani California and Venice Queen.

Not to mention they were funk around this time and sounded so sexy.

How was this not added yet? This may be the most B. A funk-rock song of all time! The lyrics and bass line make me wanna go nuts! Give this one a listen - Lukas327

Their best song. It epitomizes all the things they did well, particularly the combination of Funk, Melody, Beauty, and Dynamics. This song has everything you could ask from the Peppers and more.

Really love this song. It is really diverse, it does not feel like it is 8 minutes long.

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33 Monarchy of Roses Monarchy of Roses

Great song... The best part of the song is the change in pitch of vocals.. And listen clearly to the guitar riff... Its melodious. The next 50% of song has cherubic tune.

One of the best/catchiest/most addicting choruses they've written. It sounds even better because it contrasts so strongly wih the dissonant verse. The solo is electrifying. Such a fun song with so much energy.

One of my favourite. But because it's quite new it is not that high on the list. SO I will vote for this one. To give it some boost to the top

The chord progression in the chorus is like crack.

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34 Look Around Look Around

Great catchy lyrics. Perfect rhymes. And a chorus that makes you just want to jump up and start clapping your hands. Best song on I'm with you by far.

Great Song This One Should Be Higher Up The List Please Vote This Song Up - mneilan

Really catchy song. Makes you want to get up and dance. Should be higher up the list. Best song on the I'm With You Album.

Very underrated song! Very catchy and one of my new favorites!

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35 Universally Speaking Universally Speaking

One of the most underrated of RHCP, this song really makes me happy, with an awesome feel good tune, and a meaning that wont depress its one of my favourite RHCP songs, I remember buying By The Way thinking that this should be more recognized, And I don't find many lists with this being in the top 10, so I thought Hey, I like this song, This is definitely going into my top 10.

instrument playing that makes you say "ahhh how cute" and lyrics about making love make this a great love song - burnleyman

Why can't this be #2? I understand it being behind Under The Bridge, but seriously? #38? It's an underrated song on an underrated album.

Just tell me why this isn't number onde, great song

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36 Dark Necessities Dark Necessities

Its got that funky bass line and that modern feel of new chili peppers. And it's beautiful. Yeah I miss John, who doesn't? But this is their best song without him since he's been gone

The bass is incredible, the lyrics are meaningful, all around great song

This song is obviously a contender for top 20 however it does lack a creative guitar solo that John used to always incorporate in their earlier songs

It's funky, energetic, unique and masterfully crafted. It's only fault is that it's new...

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37 Hard to Concentrate Hard to Concentrate

This song is so underrated! I think it's one of the most beautiful love songs ever made, makes me smile when I hear it, and believe that I'll also find someone who will inspire me to write something like this :D love rhcp, they make such beautiful music

Wow such a subtle tune yet so powerful. Feel a bit silly to admit it almost brings me to tears occasionally. It may sound cheesy but to truly let someone inside your heart you also learn to accept and love yourself in the process. It's a beautiful concept looking at it from that perspective and this song really makes me longing to fall in love.

Without a doubt the most lovely song they've ever created! Really deserves to be #1 in my opinion but come on at least top 5! Such beautiful lyrics and think of how far they've come along and to make something as beautiful as this. And it's a wedding proposal! Very underrated.

Amazing song with so much emotion. This is one of the greatest songs to ever be written. Listen to this song before you listen to anything else on Stadium Arcadium

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38 Easily Easily

This song starts off like a heavy metal song, but when the chorus kicks in, it turns into something completely different. The song is amazing, I don't know why it's not even in the top 20 for crying out loud.

The jam session at the end is by far one of their greatest guitar/bass combo's I have ever heard and in my opinion is some of the best work they have ever compiled together. Song never gets old.

Probaly one of the most underrated RHCP song love the chorus should be higher than 44

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39 Love Rollercoaster

Think the Chili's version is better than the original...

Really surprised it's not much higher in this list. It's a awesome song and upbeat.. My favourite RHCP Song. - brad76


40 Road Trippin' Road Trippin'

Amazing song to relax to no matter mood you are in it always makes you feel better best song to also get high to.

Best song to sing to while you are driving down the road! It reminds me of little vacations that I took when I was in high school with my too best buddies!

I cannot believe this one is rated so low. this is my favorite song. I think not many people who voted in this list ever heard this. please listen to this, then you may realize how great this song.

Love this, makes me feel so mellow

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