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41 Warped

an underated gem from dave navarro's era. it begins with a slow moaning start but then explodes with awesome guitar skill but then slows down at the end finishing beutifully - burnleyman

Never forget that the best RHCP record is still One hot minute with one of the best guitarist ever, far above Frusciante... The post 90s era is for the easy fm listeners...

Dave's presence in the band was incredible and the discreet plea for help in this song deeply touches my soul.

The last minute of this song with the melody is just brilliant

42 Ethiopia

This song really shows RHCP at their musical peak. The way they change the tempo is kick ass and the drums are so cleverly and crisply recorded. The chorus has a strong emotional feel to it, almost nostalgic, yet empowering. The general harmony in the song is spot on. Totally one of my favorites

Definitely one of RHCP's most underrated songs, should be in the top 5. The chorus is absolutely amazing.

This is one of the most catchy RHCP chorusses. It's a bummer that this album is so underrated, this song deserved a top 10 spot!

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43 Me and My Friends

The early Chilis are better than the current Chilis, not the same without Hillel rip

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44 Minor Thing

Are you kidding me?! #48? this song deserves top 10. The guitar is superb, the drums are excellent, john's harmonies are godly, Anthony's lyrics are mesmerizing, and flea is the glue that holds everything in place.

Its just a minor thing, and I'm a minor king... -

The Outro at the end changes the direction of the song, giving a tone of contemplating. Very good.

Such a catchy tune, both the guitar and bass parts are fun to play. - LizardKing99

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45 The Power of Equality

First rhcp song I ever listened to. This got me into the band. Such a moving song and very powerful. Still one of my favorites today

Why 59? Top 20 immediately

46 Fortune Faded

Amazing song! One of the best chorus of RHCP - joxoko

My favorite one! The most beautiful guitar line, this sing is the reason why they need john frusciante!

Such an under rated song. The Chorus is so catchy! Musical GENIUS!

Wonderful. Always come back to it. Video is magic

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47 Funky Monks

That guitar and lyrics are the sex. There are no saints in this land. There are monks in my band.

Amazingly funky song one the best on blood sugar sex magik

How the hell is Snow the number one song?

That bass line thoughhh

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48 The Longest Wave

This is the most underrated Rhcp song... Deserves to be in the top 10... Just that this song doesn't have a good history to be famous. A true listener will get goosebumps in the magical chorus. Josh has really nailed it with the intro and those faint fills in the chorus.

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49 Transcending
50 Strip My Mind

This Song's very underrated. It should be up in top 20 or at least 30! just listen to the chorus and guitar solo and the intro!

1 of the best songs from stadium arcadium - sumedh

My mind is blown seeing this currently ranked #52. A top 10 for me. One of their most underrated songs right up there with Hey.

Strip my mind is such a marvellous song and should be way higher on this list. One of my faves from stadiums arcadium

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51 Encore

You get lost in the beat of the music just like in californication

This is their best song since anything on stadium arcadium

This is the best

52 Purple Stain

This Is Such a Good Funky Song Why It So Low?!

Great funky groove by leasciante. Just watch slane castle.

53 My Lovely Man

"I used to shout across the room to you, and you come dancin like a fool... " I love it! I especially love the bass solo -- gives me chills.

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54 Tearjerker

Great song, very touching tribute to Kurt Cobain

Love this song, heavily underrated. Beautiful tribute to Kurt Cobain

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55 Shallow Be Thy Game

If you've never heard of this song, please listen to it

Mind-blown. Why did I not know this song

It tells you about how society sucks. What more could you want?

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56 Good Time Boys

BY far my favorite chili peppers song because of the solo and the energy that the band has with the newly recruited Chad smith and john. Not to mention, it kicks off my favorite chili peppers record

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57 Go Robot

It's amazing! The sounds is so catchy!

Good beat very replayable

58 Hard to Concentrate

This song is so underrated! I think it's one of the most beautiful love songs ever made, makes me smile when I hear it, and believe that I'll also find someone who will inspire me to write something like this :D love rhcp, they make such beautiful music

Wow such a subtle tune yet so powerful. Feel a bit silly to admit it almost brings me to tears occasionally. It may sound cheesy but to truly let someone inside your heart you also learn to accept and love yourself in the process. It's a beautiful concept looking at it from that perspective and this song really makes me longing to fall in love.

Without a doubt the most lovely song they've ever created! Really deserves to be #1 in my opinion but come on at least top 5! Such beautiful lyrics and think of how far they've come along and to make something as beautiful as this. And it's a wedding proposal! Very underrated.

John Frusciante is so bloody good in this, although he's good in everything

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59 Quixoticelixer

Best B-side the Chili Peppers have made. The lyrics are amazing and the simplicity of the guitar part really embodies Frusciante's great style.

Well, starting at the bottom of the list one of their B sides from Californication. If you haven't heard it do so cause it's their best B side and really should have beat out almost any song on the album.

This song would have been in the conversation for best track on californication if it was on the album. Vastly underrated

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60 On Mercury

Listen to just the start of the song and I bet you will already fall in love with it

I like this one, but I still have no clue what it's about.

The beginning reminds me of d'yer maker by led zep for some reason, probably the reggae influences but I love it so much its just great. give it a listen guys it deserves more than 0 votes

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