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61 Gong Li

So simple and sweet

62 Blood Sugar Sex Magik

133. That's it. Seriously. This should be in the top thirty, at the very least. The guitar is slightly heavier on this one, but it works well here. But the thing that brings this song together is Anthony Kiedis' haunting vocal work.

The live version at Woodstock 94 is one of the greatest performances I have seen the Chili's do

Punk, epic, and still melodic, thanks to John Jesus Frusciante

This song in my top 3..and only #61? Seriosly?

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63 Charlie

While some of the verses seem a bit overly poppy in my opinion, that ending guitar part is in fact amazing.

The guitar in this is so catchy even if the start is a bit dull, I guarantee you will be playing your air guitar at the end of this song.

One of the first songs I listened to. And in my opinion it is the best. The guitar part at the end is absolutely catchy and will get stuck in your head.

The backing vocals send shivers down my spine. Truly wonderful song, yet highly underrated.

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64 Readymade

Um, okay. As far as something that kicks ass goes, this song has to be number one. This is by far the most under rated song I've ever heard! It's so amazing, especially the solo. CLEAN IT UP JOHNNY! If you don't know this song, please please please listen to it.

The guitar riff sort of reminds me of Rage Against the Machine songs, so already that makes it a good song. - MaxStickies

Just another amazing song by RHCP.


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65 Behind the Sun

Can't believe I am the first person to list this, Just listen to it, I can only wondered what would've been RIP Hillel Slovak

It's a very good and melodic song, I'd also say it's a bit psychedelic. And the music video was cool too, but slightly a bit dark at the end though.

Oh my god, this should be top 10. Have any of you even listened to RHCP pre John Frusciante? Not that John isn't one of my favourite guitarists ever, but Halil Slovak really created the Chilies trademark sound and this was one of his best.

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66 Especially in Michigan

This song keep playing on my mind! Really awesome song with amazing guitar riff and vocal with beats from a great drummer!

Chorus is amazing... Such an underrated song, lyrics are great. Guitar riff is really good as well.

Chorus is just awesome... grt song...
An underrated song, must be on at least top 25 - sumedh


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67 Right On Time

This is a great, upbeat song!

68 One Hot Minute
69 She's Only 18

Definitely underrated brilliant song - SoloStriker

Knock the world right off its feet and straight onto its head!

The perfect blend of funky verses and nice melodies in the chorus'

Really catchy vocals. I don't feel annoyed when I humm this song I just want to get home and play it

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70 Walkabout

amazingly underrated song :/
cos I guess this song is what rhcp are all about.. so funky and relaxed.
and what an insanely cool bass! this is definitely one of the best imo. - KQB17

This is what I consider perfection musically speaking. The bassline and the guitar are so simple and yet blend with each other as if they had known each other for years. An egg frog along the whole song keeps the rhythm, and Kiedis vocals are insanely relaxing and sexy at the same time. The chorus is so effective and makes the transition from verse to verse wich just keeps coming back because of how perfect it is. In my humble opinion it's the most funky song ever written by any human being on Earth. Thanks rhcp.

So funky and groovy, plain awesome for chilling

71 Knock Me Down

I wish they would make more songs with distorted guitar like this one. This was their first true hit.

The best song on Mother's Milk, should be much higher! Awesome bass work and one of their first mature songs lyrics-wise, this really should have been their first hit

So underrated. Slap bass, distortion guitar, great vocals and drums, what more can you want?

What!? This should totally be higher on the list! What a great song!

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72 Animal Bar

OMG Most underrated song EVER Animal Bar is so far my favorite RHCP song just listen to kiedis and frusciante voices at their best, and as ever that catchy bass line... May sound like a common song, but it is NOT!

73 Pea

Flea is a beast

Flea is the Best

74 Death of a Martian

Love all of the chilli pepper's work but I feel this song is their most unique and happens to feature some amazing vocals, needs to be in the top 20 at the least!

What! What is this song doing down here! This song must be 15 at least

This song caught my attention the moment I heard it, it has such an eerie, unique sound.

Simply the best song they made. awesome!

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75 Savior

A very beautiful two faced song

Love the Christmas vibe

Such an underrated song

76 The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
77 The Righteous & the Wicked
78 One Big Mob

People criticise this album because of Dave Navarro, but this feels like Frusciante never left and possessed Navarro so that his powerful guitar skills could boost the quality of this song heavily.

79 Goodbye Angels

Absolute stunner and without any doubt the getaway's best song, I must say josh has done a great job, hope to see goodbye angels in at least in the top 15 sooner rather than later

Best song on The Getaway. Before hearing this song, I was really missing John Frusciante, and this track made me more content with Josh Klinghoffer.

Best song on the getaway and it has an amazing ending to it

Highlight of the getaway and that outro though!

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80 Feasting on the Flowers V 1 Comment
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