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101 Cabron

My fav #1 from Red Hot Chili Peppers - Alexandr

Most underrated song, this should be among top 10

This song is so cabrona lmL

102 Get Up and Jump

all with this song is good but really ,the bass cover is sick - RHCP-fan37

Amazing song. I miss when they were this funky, super hard to pick a fave though. Love all of RHCP

103 Make You Feel Better

Should be way up. A good song in which they tried something different from punk rock

Should be in top ten. People need to listen, it's a great song

Great text, great Chad smith, great backing vocals by our John Frusciante!
It really makes you feel better!

This song should be on the top! every time I feel down it actually makes me feel better! and through out the song the excitement grows and it gets louder! one of their best songs

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104 The Getaway

Amazing song by an amazing band. Best of the best!

Incredible guitar work by Josh on this one!

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105 Get on Top

How is this song on the hundred mark, this song makes the album it's in so exciting, it adds lots taste to the album, when it goes other side then get on top then Californication - Mcart98

What is this doing here haha I don't know why because it is such a exiting and thrilling song and it it adds flavour to the rest of the songs in the album

This song is way too awesome to be down this low on the list!

Worst song on the californication

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106 True Men Don't Kill Coyotes

Well you can't really get any more hipster-y than this song. But seriously, the whacky lyrics are awesome, the drums are awesome, and the guitar is awesome, but the all bow down to Flea's mighty bass playing.

79. What the hell, this song is my favorite, but I understand why most people don't rate it. Should at least be in top 20.

One of the first Red Hot Chili Peppers' song. Great guitarr. - SammyD

85th. This is their best song, and Its STILL JUST PLAIN ok.

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107 Midnight

Amazing lyrics and a different tone to this song than their most songs. Should really have been higher up there for me.

Unique, should be higher for sure

The chours of this song are awesome

How can this be a 98?
This is the best RHCP's song,it is just amazing how they use the orchestra and combine with their own style,making it just amazing.
This should be the number 1

108 Pea

Flea is a beast

Flea is the Best

109 Happiness Loves Company

What is up with this I love this song soso much it needs a vote

110 So Much I

Beautiful piece written by RHCP. Every aspect of this song amazes me, such as the upbeat bass line, catchy chorus, mind-blowing guitar solo, dexterous drum parts. I believe this piece portrays all the member's instrumental playing styles, which makes me love this piece even more. Please have a listen to this song, because in my opinion, it is one of the closest songs that defines RHCP music.

ONE OF THEIR BEST! WHAT THE HECK?!? Why is it so low? :(

111 Bunker Hill

John's background vocals make the song. These are also easily some of Anthony's best lyrics.

112 Pretty Little Ditty

So underrated, John played the main riff the first time he met the rest of the Chilis

113 Bicycle Song

Not very known song but you know, the bicycle is a good invention ;) Listen!

114 Goodbye Hooray
115 Blackeyed Blonde

So raw and powerful; such a great example of the attitude and irreverence of the early RHCP albums.

116 Havana Affair

Beautiful rendition of the ramones! I'm shocked that some of these are down here!

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117 Dreams of a Samurai

Beautiful way to close the album

118 Funny Face

A rather unknown B-side of snow, but no other song evokes the same type of emotion as this one

119 Million Miles of Water

Good song. B-side of dani california - sumedh

A shame it didn't make it to the album, definitely would've helped the sales

Hello it's a very great song

120 We Believe

Such a clever funky song that in my opinion deserves a better place than 112.
Every time keith sings "we believe" my hair stands up.

Do you believe?
haha jk no but really great song with one of their best choruses.

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