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121 Green Heaven

So underrated. But it's a bash at our political ways and is just as funky to be enjoyable

122 Annie Wants a Baby

Josh shows his fantastic guitar skills. Solid song of new album

106? So great song?

Sugaar daddy! This song is great! Should be a top 20

123 Eskimo

It is so beautiful, it makes me wonder how it was never released on an album. Very underrated!

This song is way too underrated. My favorite "Heavy" Peppers song.

124 Naked In the Rain

Haha. Had to search through about 7 pages to even find this on the list. Maybe not my favourite Chili's song but it's a great tune to rock out to.

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125 We Turn Red

This was my personal favourite. Sounds good, man.

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126 Magic Johnson
127 Love Trilogy

Underrated fleas bass playing is amazing listen to it -

For me this song really defines who the Peppers (especially Anthony) were back in the 80's. Love it!

128 Jungle Man

Freaky Styley? Love this album, Folks just does'nt understand how awessome the good old "Freaky styley" album is for REAL - Trampampulis

129 American Ghost Dance
130 Warlocks

Underrated with a fantastic bassline

131 Stone Cold Bush

Greatest bass and guitar breakdown

132 Apache Rose Peacock

Amazing song and it has a meters reference "rocking to the beat of the funky ass meters" not to mention an amazing trumpet solo in the background.

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133 Taste the Pain

Best song off Mother's Milk. Probably the most underrated song and album of all time! Sooo funky!

134 Show Me Your Soul

How is this not number one? Better than Under the Bridge.

Incredible track. Mind blowing funk.

This song is THE BEST rhcp song. Sick bass, funky riffs, badass vocals, good beat, it has everything.

Killer song. Flea is a beast.

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135 Castles Made of Sand
136 Good Time Boys

BY far my favorite chili peppers song because of the solo and the energy that the band has with the newly recruited Chad smith and john. Not to mention, it kicks off my favorite chili peppers record

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137 Police Helicopter

A song fully packed into 1:12. Energetic bass (How do you play bass like that), Rowdy vocals (Who cares if Anthony can't sing yet) And amazing guitar and drums. Makes you want to MOSH and STAGE DIVE police helicopter is AMAZING.

Truly the highlight of their debut album. Sure, Anthony Keidis sounds like dying roadkill, but for christ's sake, he was a teen back when this was made! Don't be SO harsh on his debut album.

138 Nothing to Lose

B side off the Can't Stop Single. The 13 minute live mastermind of a jam. John and Flea play off each other so well and Anthony's free style lyrics are amazing... Chad holds down a mean beat too

139 Detroit
140 Baby Appeal
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