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141 Deep Kick
142 Good Time Boys

BY far my favorite chili peppers song because of the solo and the energy that the band has with the newly recruited Chad smith and john. Not to mention, it kicks off my favorite chili peppers record

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143 Over Funk

Easily the funkiest, most move your feet tune I've heard from them! Give it a listen, it's truly a gift for your ears!

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144 Police Helicopter

A song fully packed into 1:12. Energetic bass (How do you play bass like that), Rowdy vocals (Who cares if Anthony can't sing yet) And amazing guitar and drums. Makes you want to MOSH and STAGE DIVE police helicopter is AMAZING.

Truly the highlight of their debut album. Sure, Anthony Keidis sounds like dying roadkill, but for christ's sake, he was a teen back when this was made! Don't be SO harsh on his debut album.

145 Nothing to Lose

B side off the Can't Stop Single. The 13 minute live mastermind of a jam. John and Flea play off each other so well and Anthony's free style lyrics are amazing... Chad holds down a mean beat too

146 Detroit
147 Baby Appeal
148 Freaky Styley
149 C'mon Girl
150 Funky Crime
151 Nobody Weird Like Me
152 The Sunset Sleeps

While this isn't my favorite RHCP song, it certainly deserves more recognition. I just now discovered it, but it's amazing. The high pitch of Anthony's voice is unlike any other song. Check it out!

153 Save This Lady

HOW IS THIS RANKED SO LOW!? One of my all time favorites, those who haven't listened do it now.

154 Why Don't You Love Me

One of the greatest, this entire list is backwards to true chili pepper fans.

155 Falling Into Grace

Great song off of One Hot Minute

156 You Always Sing the Same V 1 Comment
157 Brave from Afar
158 Victorian Machinery

You may have not heard of this one before but seriously go and look it up! Its proof that they still a great band

159 Subway to Venus

All the way down here? It may not be the best RHCP song but it deserves to be in the top 80

160 One Hot Minute
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