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141 This is the Kitt

'CAUSE EVERYBODY KNOWS, THE GAME IS FULL OF HIGHS AND LOWS LIKE YOU MOTHER SAID, GIRL YOUR FATHER IS DEAD (Awesome song, The Chili Peppers, no matter how many band members come and go, never change, and that is how I like them.

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142 If

This song is absolutely incredible. "If I saw the sun fall down id pick it up and make a crown, one that was a perfect fit for you" so beautiful

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143 Backwoods

Not the best but I have soft spot for it. Great great rocking tune

144 Deep Kick
145 Over Funk

Easily the funkiest, most move your feet tune I've heard from them! Give it a listen, it's truly a gift for your ears!

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146 Freaky Styley
147 This Ticonderoga
148 Hump de Bump

Really? 108? At least put it ahead of Brendan's Death Song. They go back to their funky roots here. It's not perfect, but a rare drum solo is there. That has to count for something.

It's just so catchy funky and badass at the same time. I don't know why it's not in the top10

This voting thing is dumb because this is one of my main jams and it needs to be way up there on that list

Come on this song deserves to be in top 20.

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149 Throw Away Your Television

great bass line, great guitar, great drum lines that uses the less used drums tom-toms for the - MUSICCRITIC234

What a bass line, and when those drums come in... really gets you pumped up!

Such an underrated By The Way song. - Songsta41

150 Coffee Shop

It is definitely the best song in one hot minute and it is a lot heavier then most of their stuff which I really lile and this song shows how good flea is.

140th place? Are you kidding me? Just listen to the bass solo!

151 If You Have to Ask

How can this song be that low on the list? This is probably one of their best songs!

This song is badass, why is it so low? -,-

What, guess only 15 year olds voted this list

148? Seriously?

152 Factory of Faith

The best song from the new album! Amazing bass-line by flea, silent by awesome guitar riffs by josh, truly a top 10 number from RHCP!

One of my favorites off of this album, it's so underrated and I wish more people listened to it

This song is one of the best! Not so well known, so thumbs up so it becomes top 20 at LEAST!

Great bass riff plus catchy lyrics and good vocals from Anthony. In my top 5

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153 Brendan's Death Song

In my opinion best song they've written. Really mellow and makes you appreciate life and always puts me in a good mood. Absolutely love this song!

And who said john would ruin the band? This song is epic in so many ways and has a real meaning. There's a real sense of reflection in it and vocals are stunning as usual.

WHAT? HOW IS THIS AT 47? Brendan's Death Song literally had me in tears the first time I heard it! It has such a strong, emotional structure that gradually builds up from a mellow, catchy guitar riff to an epic, heart-ripping ending. Perfect.

Easily the best song written by the chili peppers just becasue it really shows how versitile the band can actually be. Yes it may not appeal to the funk rockers reading this however you should still be able to appreciate the message that the song is sending out know that this song is easily the best send off that any human could be giving.

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154 Save the Population

Seriously?! No one heard this song? The amazing vocals, backingvocals and that perfect ending?! Its not their best, but not the 89!

This has to be a RHCP cult classic. Some amazing backing vocals from John Frusciante, really makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!

Yep. This deserves higher.

What the actual hell is this so low for? What. why. no. higher.

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155 Storm in a Teacup

This is the most underrated song on this list it should be at least 25

Amazing song! Solo is a good old fashioned face melter.

Sadly not very many people know this song. It's so awesome!

This isn't their best, but it's s their most underrated song. Nobody even knows it! It's got a great sound to it and Frusciante does a nice solo.

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156 I Like Dirt

I Like Dirt but I don't like this list. Lots of amazing songs like this are way to far down the list. But I guess its hard for a song to get close to the top of the list because RHCP have so many amazing songs!

This is the first non-single that I ever heard by them. It taught me to listen to an entire album, not just the singles.

157 Did I Let You Know

This song is sweet! It even has a trumpet solo. This shows the flexibility of the world's greatest band. The backing vocals on this song are great!

This song brings me an awesome vibe and energy! Should SURELY be higher in this list! If you don't know this song listen to it! I swear you'll love it

I love everything about this song

Makes you more than happy

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158 Meet Me at the Corner

Soul tearing song. The lyrics are just damn beautiful and easy to relate to. The acoustic feel of it is just so good. And the rhythm guitar and bass combination in the verses are spot on, it gives such a compact and crisp feel to the song.

This song gave me chills the first time I heard it.

Very Pleasant song with great intonation

This song perfectly demonstrates how well Josh fits in with RHCP. Very underrated song.

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159 Sex Rap
160 I Could Die for You

This song will blow your mind when you listen to it for the second time... A beautiful song that deserves more likes!

Most underrated RHCP song in my opinion! Give it another listen and I promise you, you won't regret it!

More beautiful than Under the Bridge! 69th is unacceptable!

No way this belongs at 86!
This song is so lyrically beautiful and John's melodic, psychodelic overtones play into this gorgeously!

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