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161 Emit Remmus

Fun Fact: If you say the name of the song backwards, you're saying "Summertime". Clever.

When rhcp tries to use latin

162 Porcelain

Love this song, it's incredibly relaxing and mellow. Don't listen to it alone late at night though, it makes you depressed.

This song is so beautiful and pretty I love it so much I'm very shocked it's so low on the list :(

So nobody listened this song? Nobody?

Again, another amazing song that's not a single and of course only the singles make it to the top 10, ffs._.

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163 They're Red Hot

This should be higher solely because it's their shortest.

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164 Grand Pappy Du Plenty

Such a cool song with mysterious noises, a nice instrumental that is quite mature for their first cd.

165 Funky Crime
166 The Sunset Sleeps

While this isn't my favorite RHCP song, it certainly deserves more recognition. I just now discovered it, but it's amazing. The high pitch of Anthony's voice is unlike any other song. Check it out!

167 Save This Lady

HOW IS THIS RANKED SO LOW!? One of my all time favorites, those who haven't listened do it now.

168 Why Don't You Love Me

One of the greatest, this entire list is backwards to true chili pepper fans.

169 Falling Into Grace

Great song off of One Hot Minute

170 You Always Sing the Same V 1 Comment
171 Brave from Afar
172 Victorian Machinery

You may have not heard of this one before but seriously go and look it up! Its proof that they still a great band

173 Dark Necessities

Its got that funky bass line and that modern feel of new chili peppers. And it's beautiful. Yeah I miss John, who doesn't? But this is their best song without him since he's been gone

The bass is incredible, the lyrics are meaningful, all around great song

This song is obviously a contender for top 20 however it does lack a creative guitar solo that John used to always incorporate in their earlier songs

This isn't at least top 5? Or 10? Whaattt... For sure if I had to pick a favourite it would be this!

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174 Hollywood
175 Nevermind
176 Catholic School Girls Rule
177 Thirty Dirty Birds
178 The Brothers Cup
179 Lovin' and Touchin'
180 Battle Ship
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