Soul to Squeeze


This song always gets overlooked because it wasn't released on an actual album. It was supposed to be on "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" but was delayed and missed the album. It's a fantastic song with great guitar writing by John Frusciante.

This should at least be at 3. Anthony talks about his heroin addiction and how he got over it.

"I could not forget but I will not endeavor

Simple pleasures are more special

But I won't regret it never"

Besides "breaking the girl" this is their most underrated song. I'd put it top ten no question. I mostly listen to hip hop (the good stuff like lupe, or kanye. Not no ill Wayne) but this band and song are great.

This song is the closest thing to perfection I've heard in a long time. Definitely underrated. Its so simple but beautiful, the bass is epic. Thumbs up to the genius of flea a god among men.

This is probably my favorite song. It's just so well done. The first time I heard it I was sitting on the toilet, and the song brought tears to my eyes. So there I was, crying on the John.

It's a tough decision, but out of all their song I would listen to this one for days before I could get tired of it, maybe not top 5, but at least top 10

This is probably their most underrated "known" song and, to me, its perfect (video is amazing too) One of my favourite songs of all time.

So many good songs but this is my all time favorite and just an all together amazing song but so are many others by this band.

Very mellow and solid. Nice guitar riffs, smooth bass, great drums, nice vocals. Overall a perfect song. The big instrumental bridge is a good break in the song, it shows that RHCP really has a lot of musical knowledge on top of their obvious talent.

Probably the best song from the peppers. It should be in the first anyway it's amazing john frusciante he's great love him.

Such an emotional song, it just takes you to another place. I absolutely love it!

Flea shreds this one. It's a chill, relaxed song and I love to open up with it at my bands concerts.

I have listened to a lot of songs in my life, but "Soul to Squeeze" is the one I like most of all.

Great song always the best, really shows the bands talent. Beautiful lyrics and guitar!

This was a B-Side?!?! Soul to Squeeze is one of the first tracks, along with Under the Bridge, that introduced the band to their softer side. every time the song plays and the intro turns over into the verse riff, I am taken over with bliss

This song should easily be in the top 10. An all time great musically and lyrically.

Hugely underrated no one ever talks about it gets its an instant classic.

Definitely one of the best songs the RHCP ever wrote. The bass is amazing and flea is probably the best bass player ever. This song isn't really all that Great on John's part, but Flea and Anthony completely make up for that.

Mostly this, Breaking the girl and Venice queen are the greatest songs

Too low in this list man! It is one of the best songs for me, At minimum top 3!

I have listened RHCP for 5 years and throughout out that time I have had different songs I've liked then hated, but Soul to squeeze has stayed my all time favorite the whole time! Top ten for SURE! 10/10

Love It Should Be Higher Than Wet Sand Vote This Song Good Bass Solo - mneilan

This is an insane song, so much passion. Very surprised it's not a top 10

Superb... Can't delete from my playlist

Hands down the best song they've got. Incredibly haunting.