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1 Face Down

No questions. This is the best hands down, face down, LOVE IT! This song be blasting in my room three quarters of the time. It's just that AWESOME! Amazing song.

Absolutely amazing, from the first part with the drums to when the lyrics carry the song without being overpowered by the guitar or drums.

come on this should be number one
its just awsum

This is the best! I love how they told its story, the drums isn't overpowering other instruments. The lyrics was painfully good and can struck you right in the heart. Never been in love in alternative rock not until I heard this song

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2 Your Guardian Angel

Amazingly superb...!
The first time I heard the song it felt really very good...!

This is definitely the best song, the first time I heard this my heart melted and I totally fell in love My best guy friend showed it to me

™� I love this song so much, Listened to is so many times ) xx

Love to amazing...

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3 False Pretense

Motivational one specially after watching never back down

Hell yeah! Its such an energetic song... I always get goose bumps

Its very cool, and it has a very strong meaning!
It gives me much energy to go through life

This song is so catchy, my only complaint is how short it is. I usually listen to it twice in a row so it's about as long as a regular song haha

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4 Cat and Mouse

An amazing sad song with emotion and heart. I recently heard the song and loved it instantly. The song makes you appreciate the ones you love

Just overall... Amazing. Definitely the best song. So sad yet so uplifting.

First song that I heard from them. Awesome song.

Hey this should be number one... The coolest song eveer ya know..

5 Waiting

Ill always listen to this when everything is going down hill, boi, the feeling that everything changes for the worst

6 Damn Regret

Definitely one of their best, a close second to face down with cat and mouse very close behind.

The catchiest of all of there songs in my opinion. Great video!

This song must be one of the top fives. Such a good song.

.. Yeah this song is very cool I want to hear this song every day.. Realy2 cool

7 You Better Pray

How is this not higher in the list?

A good song for our politicians today!

Boom Boom Boom Boom BOoom Boom Boom Boom
Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang
Oh yeah

8 Am I the Enemy?

"Beautifully written, with a perfect amount of poise and political one liners, the song and videos work flawlessly in tandem, and overall Ronnie Winters and everyone else played their part without error.

My favorite song by far. Awesome guitar intro and lyrics.

This is easily their best song. - Alpha101

9 Angel in Disguise

I feel like more than half of the people on this website have only listened to their first album... They're so much more than "Face Down" and "Your Guardian Angel"

Is this some kind of joke? Angel in Disguise is one of RJA's best songs, and it's at 19? Really? Damn, people, vote for this thing so we can get it higher.

Great song hopefully this one goes on top. Yeah! Keep on voting. ROCK! ROCK!

Another great song by RJA. Great lyrics and a lot of passion put into this song.

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10 In Fate's Hand

Shows Ronnie's screaming skills, great riff, great message

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? The Awakening
? Saul to Paul

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11 Atrophy

This song is so great to pump you up. And its got a lot of great meaning. An all around win.

12 Godspeed

Great story song. When you read the lyrics, you can picture it in your head! Very descriptive and heartfelt.

This is like one of their undiscovered songs waiting to be found, its awesome!
Its smooth and mellow and should definitely be in the top 10
It's a must check, although the story is a bit weird

13 Pen & Paper
14 Misery Loves Its Company

Haha! This is a joke right? I mean how is this song NOT in the top ten? Seriously, other than Grim Goodbye and Atrophy this is by far my favorite song.

This has to be at least in the top 5. This song is great plus it has deep and meaningful lyrics.

This is by far my favourite song ever

This is THE best song... How can this be 18... Come on... This songhas to give anyone chills... The reefs, the lyrics... Everything is so perfect!

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15 Step Right Up

My god why it is so underrated please rate it. Listen it and you will feel really good

This is a very good song for me... So vote for it..

Just feelgood and catchy

The lyrics are so sweet

16 Justify

What! This down? Justify remains one of their best songs yet... For all those who are reading this I request you guys to listen to this amazing song once... And then to come back and vote for it.

This is better than Face Down and should be more popular. But there's too many people claiming they like this band when they only know face down

Man, that part at the beginning w/ guitar and drums... Sweet

My favorite song from RJA. No doubt. - alem1006

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17 Angels Cry


18 Reap

Pumps you up every time you listen to it!

This song should be in the top 10, it's by far one of their best songs

19 Grim Goodbye

EXCELLENT song I can't find a better song than this, if you do not like this song means that you have never listened to, and you better not comment, I do not know why from the start first heard this song I was like, even now I still like to listen to this song, my life I can not live without this song

I think that this song is amazing and is one of the best songs I have heard with metal vocals in it. This song should totally everyone's favorite. It's the longest song I've heard and the most amazing song I've heard. Screw the ones who hate this song.

My favorite song ever. In the entire world. I can't even understand anyone who doesn't like it. Like are your ears not processing sound correctly? #18! It's an insult. The vocals, the screaming, the melody, the everything... perfection.

Best by far.. Seems like nobody here listened past Face down

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20 Disconnected

It's a very awesome song I automatically fell in love it should be at least at the top ten come on the song meaning really meant something and it's better than any other song I've heard

Why! Why this song still under the T0p 10? Are you guys lost your mind?

21 Salvation


22 Dreams

This is just very cool..i guess

Can't beleieve it's not in top10
May be it's a new song

23 Choke

At least, it has to be in Top 10! It ROCKS!

24 Wake Me Up

This is an AMAZING SONG.
It should be in, in top 10

25 Represent
26 Dive Too Deep

This song gives off so much emotion for love yesss

27 Believe

Such a wonderful song. Great lyrics, great sound, great overall feel. 10/10

28 Remember Me

One of my favorite songs of all time. The lyrics are really sad and really meaningful and honestly it's just beautiful. Also it's really catchy. All around perfection.

I love the music video

29 Pleads and Postcards
30 Pull Me Back
31 Grimm 2.0
32 Don't Lose Hope

Such a great meaning! Should be higher up on the list...

Means a lot to me save me life so. It's a powerful song. It's a Good song. It's not being voted for because it is known. The number 1 and 2 songs are also really Good. Just in my opinion it should be Don't lose hope
Face Down
Your gaurdian angel.

33 Not Like Before
34 California
35 Hell or High Water

This Should be number one

I Loved...

36 21 and Up

This was the song that hooked me on this band, come on! It wasn't even ON this list.

37 Wide Is the Gate
38 Home Improvement

I love every song by this band this song is amazing id say its in my top 5

Such a good song, deserves to be on this list!

39 Kins and Carroll

This song is amazing can't believe it wasn't on the list so vote for it..

40 Jesus Is My Rock Star

This is the best song of RJA that makes me scream..My Goodness! Keep on rocking RED JUMPSUIT!

41 On Becoming Willing
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