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21 Dreams Dreams

This is just very cool..i guess

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22 Wake Me Up Wake Me Up

This is an AMAZING SONG.
It should be in, in top 10

23 Represent Represent
24 Pleads and Postcards Pleads and Postcards
25 Dive Too Deep Dive Too Deep V 1 Comment
26 Believe Believe

Such a wonderful song. Great lyrics, great sound, great overall feel. 10/10

27 Remember Me Remember Me

One of my favorite songs of all time. The lyrics are really sad and really meaningful and honestly it's just beautiful. Also it's really catchy. All around perfection.

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28 Pull Me Back Pull Me Back
29 Don't Lose Hope Don't Lose Hope

Such a great meaning! Should be higher up on the list...

Means a lot to me save me life so. It's a powerful song. It's a Good song. It's not being voted for because it is known. The number 1 and 2 songs are also really Good. Just in my opinion it should be Don't lose hope
Face Down
Your gaurdian angel.

30 Not Like Before
31 Hell or High Water Hell or High Water V 2 Comments
32 21 and Up 21 and Up

This was the song that hooked me on this band, come on! It wasn't even ON this list.

33 Wide Is the Gate Wide Is the Gate
34 Grimm 2.0 Grimm 2.0
35 Home Improvement

I love every song by this band this song is amazing id say its in my top 5

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36 Kins and Carroll

This song is amazing can't believe it wasn't on the list so vote for it..

37 Jesus Is My Rock Star Jesus Is My Rock Star

This is the best song of RJA that makes me scream..My Goodness! Keep on rocking RED JUMPSUIT!

38 California California
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