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21 Eric - Time Force

A true antihero to hero at the end.

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22 Psycho Red - Space

He is one of the coolest villain the power rangers series, along with psycho black. Love the psychos.

The best, absolutely THE BEST villains of all time HAS TO be: The Psycho Rangers. Yes Goldar was great, Deker was good, Creepox was alright, Zedd was cool. But who trashed the rangers like they were flies? The psycho rangers.

Pyscho rangers are the best power rangers villians of all time

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23 Leo - Lost Galaxy

He is the only leader in the ranger saga that had to deal with death 2 times the original magna defender and the pink ranger so that he has over any other ranger but he is in my opinion he is 2nd only behind jason

He is cool and has a huge story arc.

He was the first red ranger to felt that he wasn't meant to be red until his older brother showed him that Leo was always meant to be red ranger.

He killed two main villains

Wes don't stand a chance against Leo

23?! Really?! He's my all time favorite leader. And he's cute.

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24 Tyler - Dino Charge

I love love love tyler. I just love him as a red ranger. He is great.

Tyler is the best felt sorry he lost his dad and shelby and tyler make a cute couple

Tyler is a great dino red ranger like Conner and Jason.


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25 Calar - Lightspeed Rescue

You mean carter and he was way better then 21. He's in my top 10.

It's Carter and her is the best becuse he was a fire fighter and a hero before he even became a power ranger

26 Troy - Megaforce

He is the best ranger in fighting. He really hates bottle. In the legendary battle he was the leader of all legendary rangers. He also fight the evil Rob knight and defeated him.

Troy is a better SPD Red Ranger than Jack, Sky, and Bridge

Yes I think he is good but I like nick the mystic force red ranger more

He is the best

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27 Mr. Shiba - Samurai

He is awesome I love him

He also helped jaydan when he was young
He helps every one

Oh heis the best fighter

He's a god guy

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28 Jayden Shiba - Samurai

Jayden should be in top ten. He can use his sword fluently. He has a very nice team spirit which no other ranger has. So he should be in top ten.

Jayden has been shown the most patient, sacrifising and caring leader thus making him the best red ranger ever. He also values others'opinions and never bosses the others around. He also quick witted and sharp minded and can make excellent strategies on the spur of moments

He is the best. I love his couple with pink ranger mia. She is my female favorite. And he's my favourite ranger

He was shown to be the perfect leader, putting his team before himself.

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29 Jayden - Samurai

He is the strongest.

30 Officer Tate - SPD

Awesome made a great som

31 Aurico - Alien Rangers

He and the Alien Rangers are the first non human power rangers not Trip get the facts right stupid people!

Aurico is the first non-human red ranger.

Not trip the ugly green ranger

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32 Lauren Shiba - Samurai

Lauren was a great red ranger. She showed that girls have power too. Right away she was ready to step up for jaden. She was also kind and compassite.

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33 Gold - Dino Charge


34 Brody - Ninja Steel
35 Zee - SPD
36 Max - Operation Overdrive
37 Shelby - Dino Charge
38 Cole - Dino Charge
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