Best Red Queen Characters

The best characters from the Red Queen trilogy. (There will be spoilers from all three books).

The Top Ten

1 Maven Calore

He's so complicated and troubled, and he's always been in the shadow of his brother. He does have some issues and troubles, but you can see the sensitive young boy behind all this, and how he was manipulated by his mother. His story with Thomas proves that he does have a gentle side, and I just love him so much. He is by far the best character.

Maven Calore is a genius. He is superior than Cal and Mare together, and not because of strength but intelligence.

He is awesome. He is better than cal

A story is made by the villain.

2 Mare Barrow

Mare is the main protagonist and she has been through a lot of awful things, but she still stays strong. She's an amazing fighter and really stands up for herself, and I love that she chooses herself at the end. She's such a strong individual and a really amazing person.

Just a quick comment: I meant she chooses herself at the end of book 3. I don't know if the same thing happens in book 4 since I haven't finished it yet but if it does that's relevant to both books!

Mare gets her way around situations. Protects the ones she loves and goes after what she wants

I love how confident she is

3 Evangeline Samos

She's so cool and complex. She goes from doing what her family tells her to making her own decisions.

Evangeline is just such a complex character. You can see how there are two sides of her because of the pressure that society as well as her own parents inflict upon her through their expectations. Eventually she manages to break through that shell and become her own person.

Favorite character. Though she wasn't the best in the first book, she proved to be a good character in King's Cage. She's strong and talented, and most of all, not entirely heartless.

Evangeline is just really, really badass. She is a magnetron, and although she's the stereotypical 'mean girl' for the first two books, in King's Cage she helps Mare escape and shows she can stand up for herself. Her relationship with Elane Haven is also amazing, even though their ending wasn't what it could have been.

4 Shade Barrow

When Shade comes in, he is such a happy, carefree character. He puts a smile on everyone's face, and he's an amazing brother to Mare. He is literally a ray of sunshine, I love him and he deserved a much happier ending than the one he got.

Shade is amazing in everyway possible

Shade is snarky and he is smart

He's so nice to people, even Mare.

5 Diana Farley

She is stern and commanding, and strongly dedicated. She is extremely powerful and I love that about her. She tries her best to hide her emotions, but you can see the pain she feels and you can see how much she loves Shade, and also Mare. She is amazing, I love her.

Diana farley is amazing I love her


6 Cameron Cole

Cameron only really made an appearance in the final book, and at the end of Glass Sword, but she was a fierce character who stood up for herself. She never complained, and she was extremely loyal, even though she didn't have to be. She was a strong fighter, but decided she didn't want to use her power too much since it was so deadly, which shows her kindness and her sensitive side.

She was one of the only people brave enough to speak against Mare and point out that Reds as should be equally respected as newbloods and Silvers.

7 Tiberias "Cal" Calore VII

I debated even putting Cal on this list. I found him arrogant and big-headed for much of the series, and the fact that he chose his kingdom over Mare and Maven shows that he doesn't value their feelings as much as his own. However, he is a strong fighter and a loyal person, though sometimes his loyalties are in the wrong place.

He's hot end of story

I LOVE CAL! He’s the best thing that happened in this series 🥰😍😘

8 Kilorn Warren

Kilorn is the best friend of Mare, and their friendship is amazing. He is really funny and genuinely a nice person. He may not be a Silver or a Newblood, but he is still a fighter, and he perseveres through so much. He deserves a happy ending.



9 Gisa Barrow

Although she wasn't in it much, I love Gisa a lot. Mare sees her in the same way Maven sees Cal - the favourite, and the more talented sibling, but Gisa is an extremely kind person who loves her sister a lot. Cal can be quite big-headed and inconsiderate, and puts his kingdom over his brother and over Mare, but Gisa would clearly never do that. She shows that she fiercely cares for her family, and loves Mare with all her heart.

10 Julian Jacos

I love Julian. He is so knowledgeable and helps to guide Mare through her journey. He is also the one who finds the source of Mare's powers.

The Contenders

11 Sara Skonos

She's nice. You know what she is thinking even when she can't talk for most of the series.

Sara cannot speak for a lot of the series, but she is a kind, trustworthy person. Cameron only trusts Sara to train her, and she is one of the few people who doesn't seem scared by Cameron's ability. She cares for everyone, and I am so happy for her now that she is able to talk again.

12 Elara Merandus

Elara Merandus is the most intelligent and ruthless character. She's amazing, and manipulates everyone - Mare, Maven, Cal. And her power is amazing.

13 Iris Cygnet

Iris Cygnet is the calmest most calaculated person in these books. Her character is complex, and war storm always worked best when told from her perspective. She is made even more interesting by her messianic faith in her gods.

14 Nico Di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan. He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trials of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.


15 Elane Haven
16 Ptolemus Samos
17 Dane Davidson
18 Ara Iral
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