Top 10 Best Red Velvet Songs

The best 10 songs from SM's newest trendy girl group Red Velvet!
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1 Ice Cream Cake Ice Cream Cake Cover Art

I love it! It's so catchy, and also, it was very important for Red Velvet, since it was Yeri's debut. And it's just such a cute and cool song, and the MV is really cool.

At first I got a bit creeped out by the La La's, but now it's so catchy! And with the addition of little Yeri, this song had a fresh feel about it! So lively and catchy, surely one of Red Velvet's best songs!

This song is one of the best of their songs. This song should be number 2-3 on most popular!

You guys must listen to this! You're really gonna like it, it'll even get stuck in your head!

2 Russian Roulette Russian Roulette Cover Art
3 Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Cover Art

It's pretty cool! The rap part was a little cringy, but it's fine. Their vocals sounded great in this! Also... the robot dance was I to the C to the O to the N to the I to the C.

The beat is very catchy, even the lyrics. It gets stuck on my head almost every time!

The beat and the song is everything. when I first heard this on weekly idol, it was love at first hear(? ) haha the song is daebak.

My all time favorite, so catchy and fun to listen to

4 Happiness Happiness Cover Art
5 One of These Nights One of These Nights Cover Art

This is such a beautiful and sad song, and it is so underrated...

It's such a wonderful song, perfect for lonely nights

2 words, underrated masterpiece

6 Bad Boy Bad Boy Cover Art

So underrated!

7 Automatic Automatic Cover Art
8 Be Natural Be Natural Cover Art

Great song

9 Peek-A-Boo Peek-A-Boo Cover Art

It's probably my favorite of their "Velvet" songs (and that's tough when you're going up Body Talk and Bad Boy) It is so awesome! I love their vocals in it. It's so slow and alluring. The MV was also creative, even though they basically kill a pizza boy, lol

Gets stuck in my head all the time, and I love it

So catchy and cool!

Love this song

10 Stupid Cupid Stupid Cupid Cover Art
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11 Candy Candy Cover Art

I love this song so much - YOUnique253

12 Red Flavour Red Flavour Cover Art

THE PERFECT SUMMER ANTHEM. I loved it! Their vocals shone in this, and Yeri and Irene's rap was so good!

13 Somethin Kinda Crazy Somethin Kinda Crazy Cover Art
14 Power Up Power Up Cover Art

Okay, why does everyone hate this song so much? It's literally the song that got me into RV! When I first heard it, I couldn't stop playing it. It's such a fun song! And in my opinion, the outfits in the MV are the best out of all their "red" MV's.

15 Take It Slow Take It Slow Cover Art
16 Zoo Zoo Cover Art
17 Rookie Rookie Cover Art
18 Oh Boy Oh Boy Cover Art
19 Huff N Puff Huff N Puff Cover Art
20 Day 1 Day 1 Cover Art
21 First Time (처음인가요) First Time (처음인가요) Cover Art
22 Time Slip Time Slip Cover Art
23 Don't U Wait No More Don't U Wait No More Cover Art
24 Cool World Cool World Cover Art
25 Campfire Campfire Cover Art
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