Best Redlight King Songs

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1 Born to Rise

Very Special song, still a very good catchy rock song

2 Bullet In My Hand

First song I ever heard of these guys and I love it.

3 Comeback

Typical Redlight King song, very nice singing from Mark.

4 Redemption

Song from the Iron Man 3: Heroes Fall cd, really nice singing again plus a very awesome chorus.

5 Times Are Hard
6 Something for the Pain

A little bit of rap in the song, and it still amazes me how beautiful Mark is singing always, and especially in this song you can hear how clear his voice is.

7 Built to Last

Awesome lyrics, a song which has some more rap in it, but it's very catchy I think.

8 City Life

Very good lyrics, one of the songs that's a little more rappy. You got to love that, but the chorus makes this song very beautiful.

9 Underground

I love the chorus of this song, Mark sounds very heavy and aggresive in this song. definitely one of the more heavy songs, and I love that.

10 Caught In the Middle
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