Top 10 Most Redneck U.S. States

This list narrows down the top 10 redneck states of all 50.

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1 Mississippi Mississippi

I mean look at that flag y'all.

Alabama should b one

Arkansas should be 1 speaking from a true a true Arkansan

I liveat there.

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2 Georgia Georgia Georgia is a state located in the southeastern United States. It was established in 1732, the last of the original Thirteen Colonies.

Lots and lots of hospitality, plus every school is filled with camo.

I think Alabama is more redneck

Hot diggty dog Georgia did done don did it agin. In alabama when your sister says can u pass the salt dad, you, your dad, your brother, your two cousins, your uncle, and you second cousin all go for the salt.

Lived in Georgia all my life and everyone is liberal and a feminist. If you dare have conservative values your shunned! Nobody drives trucks or wears camo. If you don't have Louis Vuitton or Gucci you're considered poor. Whenever I travel up north or west I get asked why I don't have an accent. No way Georgia should be this high!

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3 Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky, officially the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is a state located in the east south-central region of the United States.

Kentucky Born and Raised, no mater where I live, Kentucky will be my redneck, Hillbilly home. Second Amendment, Mud. Proud to be a Hillbilly.

Amen buddy, I love my rednecks and I love my state. Bourbon, trucks, dirt bikes and the Second Amendment is all we need!

Went to Kentucky wonce wherever you look left or right there's one... A hillbilly

ye yeee

4 South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. The state is bordered to the north by North Carolina, to the south and west by Georgia across the Savannah River, and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean.
5 Alabama Alabama Alabama is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west.

Alabama is actually a whole lot nicer than what some people would think. Most of the people I've met in that state aren't rednecks. - NuMetalManiak

Alabama is at least top five

'Bama: home of every redneck stereotype in the book.

So redneck

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6 West Virginia West Virginia

I like how this wasn't even on here because people forgot it was a state

I'm from West Virginia, there is nothing other than mountains and hillbillies as far as the eye can see! It's awesome!

Blood Red in some areas, but for the most part, the kindest most honorable people on the face of the earth.

So hillbilly that it's scary - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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7 Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee is a state located in the southeastern United States. Tennessee is the 36th largest and the 17th most populous of the 50 United States.

West Virginia more hillbilly than Tennessee

Tennessee is so much better then Mississippi we got a whole lot more country around here

Home of the rebel flags

Should be #1

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8 Louisiana Louisiana

Hey that's a fact Jack

Alabama and Arkansas r more redneck I think

No way Alabama is not above lohisiana

I’m from Louisiana and I’m a redneck but sometimes I feel like I don’t have a accent but at the same time I do.

9 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is a state located in the northern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh. Kids that wear camo hoodies every day and rev their engines 24/7 are "rednecks" - ryanrimmel

Completely correct outside of the 10 mile circle around Pittsburgh. They also watch NASCAR, chew tobacco, and drink Sweet Tea 24/7.

See all the time in Somerset-Cambria-Counties in Pennsylvania: women wearing jammies, alongside camo-clad probably-relatives, while having family reunions in the middle of the aisles at Walmart...y'might be a redneck. Just saying.

It's Appalachian! Pennsylvania seems to have a sense of Southern than Northern.

Wackiest Redneck State ever!

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10 Texas Texas Texas is a state in the USA. It is the second largest by area and population. Its largest city is Houston.

They love country music, bunch of cowboy rednecks wearing their cowboy hats & cowboy boots. Even cowboy rednecks outside the state of Texas represents the state of Texas in their homes with Texas state emblems shown in their bumper stickers on their Ford Trucks. It's the redneck capitol of the world. This state should be at number 1 because it is the most redneck state in the U.S., there's no denying it.

I've live in Texas and I've always seen at least 1 mobile home or white trash house in Texas. Not all of them are like that but it can be hillbilly heaven there - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The mentality still runs even on rich people.

How is this not on the first place?

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11 Missouri Missouri Missouri is a state located in the Midwestern United States. It is the 21st most extensive, and the 18th most populous of the fifty states.

We also like our barbeque and state fairs! Oh, and don't forget rodeos!

How have I not seen Arkansas or North Carolina yet

This is hilarious. 5% of the state is hick

The people in St.Louis are definitely redneck

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12 North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. The state borders South Carolina and Georgia to the south, Tennessee to the west, Virginia to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

North Carolina isn't entirely red neck. Most of its residents are kind, good people. But of course, it has its rough areas.

I love NC. Friendliest people I've ever met.

Say whatever you want idc I disagree.

NC has the #1 racist legislature by far.

13 Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas is a state located in the Southeastern region of the United States. Its name is of Siouan derivation, denoting the Quapaw Indians.

Arkansas is more redneck than Missouri, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana and maybe more

Arkansas is ranked too low

Arkansas should be top 5. This is goofy

Arkansas should be in the top three this is b.s.

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14 Oklahoma Oklahoma

Oklahoma is so much more redneck than we are given credit for

Oklahoma is more redneck than most states and more country

15 Virginia Virginia Virginia, officially the Commonwealth of Virginia, is a state located in the South Atlantic region of the United States.

Southwest VA for sure. Sandwiched between Eastern Kentucky, East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Southern West Virginia, its like a whole different world compared to the rest of the state.

Where I live in virginia theirs lots of rednecks

I see lot's of them at school and outside... - iimidnightstarz

16 Indiana Indiana

This should easily be in the top 10, plus New York should at least be in the top 25, as long as you stay out of the populated areas, is actually pretty darn redneck.

The most illegal gun sales come out of this state. Also, where the KKK had the most prominent role in the country.

This should be in top 10


17 Idaho Idaho Idaho is a state in the northwestern region of the United States. Idaho is the 14th largest, the 39th most populous, and the 7th least densely populated of the 50 United States.

We've lived in 7 states, across the country, and this is by far the most redneck, in a bad way. No animal rights, and even when there are most people don't live by them. Almost every conversation leads back killing things (not hunting, but specifically killing things...shooting whistle pigs for the hell of it type killing). Half of the state lives in trailers, and most of the ones who don't are from Cali anyway.

18 Illinois Illinois Illinois is a state in the midwestern region of the United States. It is the 5th most populous state and 25th largest state in terms of land area, and is often noted as a microcosm of the entire country.
19 Kansas Kansas Kansas is a U.S. state located in the Midwestern United States. It is named after the Kansa Native American tribe, which inhabited the area.

Just the Governor and a few bible thumpers, not nearly as bad as PA!

Rodeos, ranches, derricks, 2A, trucks. Yee yee

20 Maryland Maryland Maryland is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, bordering Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Maryland is a closet redneck state.

Actually Maryland is redneck, mostly near Bal'mer but also in other areas.

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21 Vermont Vermont

Look up the statistics. Most white state.

22 California California

More Misandrists than Rednecks - Maddox121

Number 30

23 Oregon Oregon Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Oregon is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the north by Washington, on the south by California, on the east by Idaho, and on the southeast by Nevada.
24 Iowa Iowa Iowa is a U.S. state in the Midwestern United States, bordered by the Mississippi River on the east and the Missouri River and the Big Sioux River on the west.


25 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin is a U.S. state located in the north-central United States, in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

Wisconsin isn't redneck

Adams County is all redneck along with Beloit

26 New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey is a state in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. It is bordered on the north and east by New York, on the southeast and south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Pennsylvania, and on the southwest by Delaware.
27 Arizona Arizona Arizona is a U.S. state in the southwestern region of the United States. It is also part of the Western and the Mountain states.

Its not that redneck

28 California California
29 Florida Florida

Florida is more redneck than people think

Should be in top 10

Florida has a close amount of rednecks as bama just they have a lot of big cities

Go inland of any major city and youll be suprised

30 New Mexico New Mexico
31 Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota is a state in the Midwestern United States. Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd state on May 11, 1858, created from the eastern half of the Minnesota Territory.
32 Washington Washington Washington is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States located north of Oregon, west of Idaho, and south of the Canadian province of British Columbia on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is the only state named after a president.
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