Top 10 References on the Front Cover of Iron Maiden's Somewhere in Time

The front cover of Iron Maiden's sixth album Somewhere in Time (in my opinion one of the best albums of all time) depicts their mascot Eddie as a cyborg in a Blade Runner-inspired city, but it's also loaded with a lot of references, mainly to Iron Maiden songs and albums. What are those references you may ask? Well read this list and look up the cover to see if you can find them. They can be found on the front and the back.

The Top Ten

1 The street sign on the corner where Eddie is standing reads Acacia, a reference to their song 22 Acacia Avenue from The Number of the Beast
2 Below the Acacia sign is a poster of Eddie from their self-titled debut album, with "Eddie lives" written in grafitti on it
3 Many pyramids appear in the background, a reference to Powerslave
4 Above the Bradbury Towers is Icarus in flames falling from the sky, in the same style of the cover for their single Flight of Icarus

Derek Riggs (the guy who designed Eddie and the cover) also stated that Icarus is supposed to look like the logo used by Swan Song Records, a label founded by Led Zeppelin.

5 In the background, "Bradbury Towers" can be seen, a reference to the Bradbury Building which is prominent in Blade Runner
6 A clock reading 23:58 (a reference to their song 2 Minutes to Midnight)
7 There is a cinema named Philip K. Dick cinema, named after the author of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the book on which Blade Runner was based
8 On the left there is the TARDIS from Doctor Who on top of a building (the TARDIS is also featured on the front cover of the Wasted Years single)
9 A building on the left side carries a sign that says "Aces High Bar", a reference to their song Aces High
10 Below the Aces High Bar is a sign that reads "Sand Dune" a reference to their song To Tame a Land (based on the novel Dune by Frank Herbert)
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