Top 10 References and Hidden Messages on the Cover of Iron Maiden's Somewhere in Time

It's better to use the vinyl version of the album because the CD version is much smaller and details are harder to see.

Somewhere In Time came out in 1986 and its cover is one of Maiden's most intricately detailed album covers.
The cover was created by artist Derek Riggs and contains many references to the band history, science fiction stories, movies, previous Maiden sleeves and songs, band members favorite things, events,... and in-jokes.

Derek Riggs worked on it for about 3 months. "It wore me out quite severely", Riggs revealed.

The Top Ten

"THIS IS A VERY BORING PAINTING" (hidden backwards message)

I sort of already made this list. Just saying.

Oh... I checked out for existing lists and didn't see anything like that. - Metal_Treasure

It's in the bottom left corner, just behind Eddie's right leg - there's a banner reflected in the windows of the Bradbury Towers Hotel International. If you reverse it, it reads: “THIS IS A VERY BORING PAINTING”.
Derek Riggs gets 10/10 from me for his sense of humor. - Metal_Treasure

"Latest Results..... West Ham 7..... Arsenal 3" (soccer score, West Ham is their favorite team)

This score was probably just a fantasy, LOL (it's on the back cover - on the bridge across the street) - Metal_Treasure

The digital clock reads 23:58 (reference to their song 2 Minutes to Midnight)

It's on the bridge across the street - Metal_Treasure

"Maggie's revenge" (reference to Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister, aka 'The Iron Lady')

It's on the back cover. Margaret Thatcher and the British government had a dispute with Iron Maiden in 1980/1981 - Iron Maiden single "Sanctuary" depicted her as dead on the ground (killed by Eddie). Another single, "Women In Uniform", depicted her as hiding behind a wall observing Eddie picking up chicks. - Metal_Treasure

Drummer Nicko McBrain is wearing a shirt saying: "Iron Wha?"

Riggs said “They complained because they didn't look exactly like them. Hello? They're inches tall. They're the size of postage stamps” - Metal_Treasure

"Tonight GYPSY'S KISS" (reference to Steve Harris' first band)

It's under the digital clock - Metal_Treasure

Phantom Opera House (reference to their song Phantom of the Opera)

It's under the clock with 23:58 - Metal_Treasure

Hammerjacks (reference to one of the band's favorite bars in the US)

This nightclub is in Baltimore - Metal_Treasure

Ancient Mariner Seafood Restaurant (reference to their song Rime of the Ancient Mariner)
Eddie is standing on Acacia Avenue (reference to their song Acacia Avenue)

The Contenders

Aces High Bar (reference to their song Aces High)
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