Top Ten Reggaeton Albums of 2004

The year 2004 saw some of the best releases by reggaeton artists to this date. This was the year reggaeton marched it's way on to mainstream radio.

The Top Ten

1 Barrio Fino - Daddy Yankee

With his 2004 studio album Barrio Fino, Daddy Yankee did what many thought was impossible. He finally led reggaeton to mainstream radio. His single "Gasolina" reached number 32 on the Billboard Hot 100, the first reggaeton single to accomplish that. Furthermore, the album itself reached number 24 on the Billboard 200, the first reggaeton album to do so. In the Latin scene, the album dominated sales for over 20 weeks. It was still in the top ten deep into 2005. The singles "Lo Que Paso, Paso", "Tu Principe", "Like You", "Sabor a Melao", and "King Daddy" were also very popular.

2 Diva: Platinum Edition - Ivy Queen

When Ivy Queen released the Platinum Edition everything changed. This album is filled with hits, though was overlooked.

In 2003, Ivy Queen released her third studio album Diva, it was so popular she had to re-release it in early 2004. The release was filled with classic hits such as "Quiero Bailar", "Quiero Saber", "Papi Te Quiero", "Guillaera" and "Tuya Soy". It dominated Tropical Album sales for four weeks and was her first chart topping album.

Estas bbuena me atrebo yo soy te Puerto Rico 100 polsitos de san juan

3 The Last Don Live - Don Omar

With the release of his 2003 album The Last Don, Don Omar proved that he was there and was there to stay. It featured popular genre defying songs such as "Dale Don Dale", "Intocable" and the cumbia-reggaeton "Dile". In 2004, he re-released the album recorded live with some studio tracks, of those "Pobre Diabla".

4 12 Discipulos - Eddie Dee

Perhaps, Eddie Dee's 12 Discipulos is the greatest studio/various artist compilation album ever. It featured 12 of the most requested reggaeton artists of this era including Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon, Ivy Queen, Zion & Lenox, and Nicky Jam, among others. The title track "Los 12 Discipulos" was a collaboration between all 12 while the rest of the album featured individual performances by each.

5 Motivando a la Yal - Zion & Lennox

While many solo artists were releasing their fourth and fifth albums in 2005, Zion & Lennox debuted with Motivando A La Yal. The singles "Doncella" and "Yo Voy" helped Zion & Lennox reach the top ten of the Billboard Latin Pop Albums. Their success with this album resulted in the duo re-releasing their album in 2005 which was even more successful.

6 Sentenciados - Baby Rasta & Gringo

Filled with the hits "Avisame", "El Carnaval" and "Yo Soy Asi" the album was successful in the Latin market.

7 El Enemy de Los Guasibiri - Tego Calderon

Tego Calderon's 2003 album El Abayarde is one of the best reggaeton albums to date. The 2004 compilation release El Enemy De Los Guasibiri compiles some release released hits, remixes, and new tracks but doesn't compare to his 2003 debut.

8 Flow la Discoteka - Dj Nelson
9 Real - Ivy Queen

It's hard to have two very successful albums in the same year. Ivy Queen had just that. "Real" was released just a few months following Diva: Platinum Edition did not match the success of Diva, but was successful. The vallenato-reggaeton track "Dile" was popular as well as "Chika Ideal". If featured production by some of the most talented producers including Noriega, Rafi Mercenario, and Swizz Beatz, among others.

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