Regina George

Regina Liliana George is the lead antagonist of the movie Mean Girls . She is portrayed by Rachel McAdams .

Regina is a character that is controlling, deceiving, belittling and mean, capable of doing everything in her power to get what she wants . She was not just another high school bully - she is also commonly referred to as the queen bee and the original leader of the currently fallen Plastics .

Regina George was born and raised by her rich parents . She has a younger sister named Kylie . Her sense of control, manipulation and superiority may have grown as a result of the way her mother, Mrs . George raised her .

Regina is followed around everywhere by her best friends, Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners, who according to Damian Leigh are "just her little workers . " The special ingredient behind Regina's control was two things - sex appeal and the insecurity of others . Regina only had followers because she mastered making girls feel inferior next to her for her attractiveness, and used guys to feel superior out of their attention . For example; Shane Oman and Aaron Samuels are both used as Regina's toys . "She's fabulous but evil," said Damian .

In her Senior year, after her spine healed, she played for the Lady Lions Lacrosse team . She became close to Kristen Hadley . She still maintained a mutual respect with Cady Heron, but her appearance didn't change .

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