Best Regional Tamil Language

Tamil is one of the Oldest Languages, which have been spoken widely across the Globe. Nearly 20+ countries speak Tamil. Singapore, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Reunion (Island of France) are majorly spoken areas.

Tamil dialect vary from place to place. People speak differently and also use some different words in various places.

When Person speaks in Tamil and an another one hears it, you can easily identify the Person's Place.

KONGU TAMIL - Spoken in Western Parts of Tamilnadu (Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Erode, Salem, Namakkal; Spoken very less in Ooty, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri). Kongu Tamil is known as Konjum Tamil. This Tamil sounds very Respectful. Normal Tamil: Yenga; Kongu Tamil: Yenung; English Meaning: Calling Someone in Respectful Manner

NELLAI TAMIL - Spoken in Southern Parts of Tamilnadu (Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi). People here uses a word "Ezha". Enna la epadi iruka? (Hello. How are You?)

CHENNAI TAMIL - Spoken in Northen Parts of Tamilnadu (Chennai, Vellore). Chennai Tamil doesn't sounds as Respectful as Kongu Tamil, meanwhile we can feel it in opposite manner. Chennai Tamil is also known as "Madras Bhashai" is a mixture of Tamil+Telugu+English+Hindi. Chennai Tamil-Ootanda; Normal Tamil-Veetu Pakuthula ENG-Near my House

MADURAI TAMIL-Spoken in Southern Parts (Madurai & its surroundings). Madurai slang-Avinga; Normal Slang-Avunga English-They. MS-Verasa; NS-Vegama, Sekrama ENG-Quick

EEZHA TAMIL-Spoken in Tamil Eelam, Sri Lanka. ET-Kadhaikiradhu; IndianTamil-Pesu

EASTERN KONGU TAMIL-Spoken in Salem, Namakkal, Dharmapuri. Salem, Namakkal speaks Kongu Tamil. But in very few places it differs. Region Tamil-Ivatha; NS-Inga; ENG-Here

CENTRAL TAMIL-Spoken in Trichy, Tanjavur, Puthukottai & surroundings. CT-Angittu; NT-Anga; ENG-There

NAGERCOIL TAMIL- Nellai Tamil+Malayalam.

BRAHMANA TAMIL-Spoken only in Brahmin (Iyrer & Iyengar) Community. BT-Aathula NT-Veetla; ENG-In House

ARWI - Also known as ARABIC TAMIL, spoken among Muslims, mainly in Ramanathapuram, Tamilnadu.


TANGLISH - Tamil+English. Spoken all over Tamilnadu.

MALAYSIA TAMIL-Spoken in Malaysia. MT-Suka; Indian Tamil-Sugam; ENG-Good, MT-Negara; IT-Nagaram; ENG-City. Singapore, Phillipines and other countries also Speak this kind.

SOUTH AFRICA TAMIL- ST-Purtuassi; IT-Purataasi; ENG-Tamil Month of September

The Top Ten

1 Kongu Tamil


Konjum tamil

I love Kongu Tamil

Lovely tamil

2 Nellai Tamil

I like Nellai Tamil.

no opinion

I love nellai Tamil

I think this Tamil slang is connecting people with each other in a family manner

3 Chennai Tamil
4 Madurai Tamil

Madurai slang is the best of the all over tamilnadu, Because "Naangalum Madurai Karianga the"...

5 Central Tamil
6 Eastern Kongu Tamil
7 Eezha Tamil

Eelaa tamil people pronunciation is so clear and listen - pavi077

Eezha Tamil is Nedum tamil

Eelaa tamil is nedum tamil - pavi077

8 Nagercoil Tamil

i love it

9 Brahmana Tamil
10 Pondicherry Tamil

The Contenders

11 Tanglish
12 Malaysia Tamil
13 Mauritian Tamil
14 Tirunelveli

Best tirunelveli

va la

15 Arwi (Regional Tamil)
16 Singapore Tamil
17 Kal Nadai Tamil/Kannada
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