Top 10 Best Regions in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

You know, places in the game that you would actually live there and be happy.

The Top Ten

1 Akkala

The lake is amazing, the leaves are colorful, it's where Terry Town and the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is located, and is a great place to kill guardians for weapons.

"Colourful leaves swaying on Birch Trees, rain gently falling, unspeakable sorrow surrounds this beautiful Autumn Landscape..." - Pikango

2 Faron

It's So Green And Is Full Of Nature, 10/10 IGN

3 Great Plateau

Everything about Great Plateau is so peaceful... - MaxPap

I know right

4 Hebra
5 Eldin

It's a hot place, but Death Mountain is beautiful to look at. You can take some nice screenshots from point of views. - MaxPap

I found eldin the best cause you can go up the volacano after you beat the game

6 Central Hyrule

If it wasn't of the guardians that took over this place... It's quite a peaceful area of the game. - MaxPap

Besides the guardians, the landscape is full of ruins and has the castle (interior looks amazing) which makes it interesting to explore, especially if you’re curious on what Hyrule might have looked like before calamity ganon in BotW. - Yvonnee

7 Tabantha Frontier

Where lies Rito Village... Charming place. - MaxPap

8 Lanayru

Where lies Zora's Domain... A peaceful place. - MaxPap

9 Woodland

Lost Woods is a creepy place but Korok Forest is still a charming place. - MaxPap

10 Gerudo Wasteland Gerudo Wasteland

The Contenders

11 Gerudo Highlands
12 Hateno (East Necluda)

Why is this so low on the list? It feels very lively & safe.

13 Lurelin Village
14 Dueling Peaks (West Necluda)
15 Ridgeland
16 Lake Hylia
17 Necluda
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