Top 10 Best Regions in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

You know, places in the game that you would actually live there and be happy.

The Top Ten

1 Akkala

"Colourful leaves swaying on Birch Trees, rain gently falling, unspeakable sorrow surrounds this beautiful Autumn Landscape..." - Pikango

2 Faron
3 Great Plateau

Everything about Great Plateau is so peaceful... - MaxPap

I know right

4 Hebra
5 Eldin

It's a hot place, but Death Mountain is beautiful to look at. You can take some nice screenshots from point of views. - MaxPap

6 Central Hyrule

If it wasn't of the guardians that took over this place... It's quite a peaceful area of the game. - MaxPap

7 Tabantha Frontier

Where lies Rito Village... Charming place. - MaxPap

8 Lanayru

Where lies Zora's Domain... A peaceful place. - MaxPap

9 Woodland

Lost Woods is a creepy place but Korok Forest is still a charming place. - MaxPap

10 Gerudo Wasteland Gerudo Wasteland

The Contenders

11 Gerudo Highlands
12 Dueling Peaks (West Necluda)
13 Hateno (East Necluda)
14 Ridgeland
15 Lake Hylia
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