Best Regions of the United States


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1 Western United States

Beautiful. Lots of mountains and green and culture and, it's amazing. I lived in the western United States for 10 years and it's pretty! New Mexico has awesome culture, Arizona is in the beautiful desert, California has Hollywood, Nevada has Las Vegas, Colorado has the rocky mountains, and Washington has the Space Needle. The great states are Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming. The awesome states are New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada (kind of a bad state, only good thing is Las Vegas), and Washington. - TopTenJackson

California is a pretty good place to live if you can pay off the high taxes - ethanmeinster

I wish I live in Vegas

2 Eastern United States

Shorter mountains than the rocky mountains but there is New York City and the Atlantic Ocean. In the Eastern part, Virginia is where I was born and where George Washington lived and died. New York is great because of New York City, but the state also has beautiful places. Illinois has Chicago, which is a cool city, and also includes Disneyworld in Florida. - TopTenJackson

Good balance between nature and development, visibly rich in history, four seasons, abundant accessible hiking and scenery in the Appalachians, small towns, large cities, beaches, lush climate, great biodiversity.

Best place to live in the US!

The East isn't as polluted as the west (well...mostly areas in California such as Fresno, Bakersfield, etc.), we have several amazing cities such as New York City, Boston, Miami,Atlanta, and Jacksonville, which is the largest u.s. city area-wise! - DBG_Circuit

3 Midwestern United States

The Midwest is flat and boring on some states. Plus it gets lots of tornadoes and also has snobby people and idiots. But despite all of that, I find Chicago being a really nice city. Illinois is great because of Chicago, Minnesota has Lake Superior, and Ohio has idiots but some people are friendly. - TopTenJackson

4 Southern United States

Florida has beautiful places like the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, even Disney world. Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, and West Virginia are boring states with not much stuff. These states also have idiots. The only good states are Florida and Virginia. - TopTenJackson

5 Northeastern United States

Now were talking about New England. These states have mountains but has lots of English and Irish accent people there. Boston is great, Vermont is home to Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and New Hampshire has stuff that's cool. - TopTenJackson

The Northeast has always been the most appealing to me. The South, on the other hand... - PositronWildhawk

6 Northwest United States
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