Top 10 Regular Show Episodes That Should Be Created In the Future


The Top Ten

1 Eggscellent 2
2 Exit 9B 2
3 Go Viral 2.0
4 Fun in the 80s
5 Death Game
6 World War 1945
7 Travel Travelin' to Europe
8 How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The A-Bomb
9 Nuclear Mayhem/Cold War
10 Rigby vs The World

The Newcomers

? Regular Bebop

The Contenders

11 Thomas Comes Back
12 Rigby Breaks Up With Eileen and Dates the Minor Girl With Brown Hair and the Purple Skirt
13 Rigby in a Tanooki Suit V 1 Comment
14 Muscle Man Marries Starla and Never Returns
15 Mordecai and Rigby Quit
16 Return of the Demon Wizard
17 The Easter Special

The Easter bunny's evil twin brother puts 8 egg bombs all over the city, and the park has to disarm them; in less then 2 hours.

18 Return Of The Prank War
19 Rigby Meets Darwin And Jake
20 Regular Sponge
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