Top 10 Regular Show Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 9


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1 The Return of Phone Man

The master of pranker decide to prank Mordecai and Rigby again - CerealGuy

2 Fun in The 80s

Mordecai and Rigby goes back to the 80s to have fun - CerealGuy

3 Nuclear Mayhem

Mordecai and the park members must stop the president to start a nuclear mayhem - CerealGuy

4 Margaret vs CJ

Margaret cries for about 1 minute then gets a phone call from Mordecai and CJ telling her that she should fight for Margaret to be the ideal girlfriend to Mordecai and the wrassle frazzle women section as two competitors fighting against each other. Margaret banished from the portal whilst CJ is Mordecai's ideal girlfriend. Margaret then turns evil and by the touch of her finge is aloud to kill Margaret forever not knowing she has the powers of the universe

Good list, but Regular Show is in season 6 currently. - Garythesnail

But at the end, Margaret fails and NEVER RETURNS - CerealGuy

Terrible idea hate them both

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5 Muscle Guy Never Returns V 1 Comment
6 World War 1942

Mordecai and the park members must change WW2 history and must defeat the Nazis - CerealGuy

7 A St.Patricks Day Celebration

The park members celebrate St. Patricks Day and the park members finds out that all the potato's are stoledn by the leprechauns and they must get it back - CerealGuy

8 Eggscelent 2.0

The eggscelent challenge is opened again and Rigby must win to get the viking helmet - CerealGuy

9 Exit 9B 2

All the villains was rerived and terrorize the park leaded by Justin Bieber - CerealGuy

10 The Easter Special (REDUX)

Rigby and the park staff meets the Easter Bunny, who is a total badass lke Santa Claus from The Christmas Special

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11 The Easter Special

The Easter bunny's evil twin brother places 8 egg bombs all over the city, and the park has to disarm them; in less then 2 hours

12 Mordcloud Day

Cloudy J has sex with Mordecai. Lots of kissing and sexual content. - Gamecubesarecool193

13 Travel Travel Travellin' to Europe

Rigby and the others travel to Europe but can't go back to America

14 What?

Every single worst thing happens in this episode

15 Return Of The Prank War
16 Regular Sponge
17 Margaret Burns In Hell

Um that episode would be too dark...

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18 Mordecai Learns to Fly

That would be awesome

19 Our Childhood Memories Book

Mordecai and Rigby remember the tales of their childhood of how they became slackers.

20 The Inmates of Summer
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