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1 The Power

The episode that started it all... the best scenes are the beginning and the end scenes laugh out loud all around at the very end! - ashduck

I knew the show would be great after watching this episode

Entertaining debut for this show, was that supposed to be Hulk Hogan rigby was wrestling? Little wonder that they should use elements of this episode for the grand finale.

A bunch of Baby Ducks send 'em to the Moon, a Soda Machine that doesn't work send 'em to the Moon. Hilarious, this is why Rigby's my favourite Character.

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2 Just Set Up the Chairs

This is the classic formula, benson puts mordecai and rigby on a simple task, then a character, usually rigby, does something stupid and totally complicates the situation

I prefer this episode to The Power because of the pure comedy from the start to the end.

Mordecai + Rigby-Not setting up the Chairs next time.

Oh yeah

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3 Death Punchies
4 Rigbys Body

Rigbys body just tore rigby out which was funny

Shove some cheese curls in to my trash hole

Rigby is funnier as a green glob thing or whatever it is than his normal raccoon body - Unknownguy

great - nonamegame

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5 Prank Callers

Nice 80's nostalgia to this one, just wondering why if the park had been in existence since the Revolution war, why were the trees in the 80's segment so young? Small oversight that didn't distract from the episode.

You have a son named Joe Mama?


Prank callers is one that reminds you of the golden decade.80s cellphones! The master prank caller is a character that is a cellphone with holds like a magical orb in his anus. This is a great episode!

6 Don

This episode actually reminds me of me and my brother. This does happen in real life-and everybody thought that he was the older brother. This was really nostalgic and one of the episodes I watch on APIV still.

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7 Free Cake

I like mordecai and rigby saying ugggh and free cake

FREE CAKE! FREE CAKE! - OhioStateBuckeyes

8 Mordecai and the Rigbys

Loved the musical score in this one, perhaps Mordecai should have run with it, then perhaps Margaret might not have gone off with that angel bloke.

Great music in this one, where did Margaret's new boyfriend spring from? (Was he supposed to be some Kurt Cobain wannabe? ).

Why is this so hated I love rock n roll this episode deserve better one thing that I hate about this episode (and some others) Margaret has a human boyfriend I mean bird going out with a man grrr... Other than that good episode

9 Meat Your Maker

Now after voting for just set up the chairs on the top 10 best regular show episodes list, I decided to see what meat your maker was. It was an imaginative episode. This probably was the saddest regular show moment when Mordecai dies. It was a great episode, and probably talking hotdogs aren't as good as ones in winter wear

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10 Caffeinated Concert Tickets

I love how coffee just squirts out of his nipples

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11 Grilled Cheese Deluxe

I like the grilled cheese and I like the blue astronaut sweaters and the epiosde name and I like the compound and cheezers

12 The Unicorns Have Got to Go

This episode Is banned in several European countries - Unknownguy

Why the hell did 1% of you think this was good? Because you hate the show or something?

This one was stupid. - Goatworlds

This episode was horrible. They tortured them by tying benson upto a wall and then eating his gumball's, Broke Rigby's bed and also tricked Mordecai into eating unicorn slump.

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1. Just Set Up the Chairs
2. Prank Callers
3. Death Punchies

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