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1 This Is My Jam

Hugely entertaining episode with some catchy music, this was in my opinion, classic regular show, had a touch of the Mighty boosh about it.

There's a reason this is atop multiple lists - Brochach

Extremely overrated - Goatworlds

In my personal opinion one of the best episodes of regular show, great musical duel & two catchy songs that get stuck in your head...not just rigbys.

2 Rage Against the TV

Funniest moment muscle mans boobs hit his face

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3 Ello Govnor

I love pops in this one - OhioStateBuckeyes

4 Appreciation Day

One of my favourite regular show season 2 episodes - JandS3000

5 First Day

This episode was hilarious from the beginning to the end and they did a real life song at the start of the episode - JandS3000

6 Over the Top
7 The Night Owl

New level of car crashes

#1 favorite episode ever! my favorite part of this episode is the totally epic villain. how is it so low

8 Party Pete

The funniest episode in season 2!

9 A Bunch of Baby Ducks
10 High Score

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11 Go Viral
12 Really Real Wrestling
13 Benson Be Gone
14 Jinx
15 Karaoke Video

Another episode with a touch of the 80,s about it, great bar brawl at the end and some great karaoke from pops also.

The fighting was the best moments in the episode

16 Temp Check
17 Grave Sights
18 My Mom

One of the first episodes to focus on Muscle Man and High Five Ghost. - Garythesnail

You know who has a good taste... MY MOM!

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19 Skunked
20 Do Me a Solid

Hilarious how rigby tries to ruin Mordecai's day

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1. Grave Sights
2. A Bunch of Baby Ducks
3. Go Viral
1. The Night Owl
2. This Is My Jam
3. Over the Top
1. Party Pete
2. This Is My Jam
3. Ello Govnor

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