Best Regular Show Season 3 Episodes


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1 Fuzzy Dice

Rigby dressed up as a Kid hilarious.

Don't you forget about me - Gehenna

First saw this one on vacation and it was better than the waterslides in the Bahamas

Good episode, the capricola gang were great villian and although they also made an appearance in steak me Amadeus, I felt they could have been used a little bit more.

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2 Video Game Wizards

Rigby's mixtape is the funniest part

3 Rap It Up
4 Skips Strikes
5 Sugar Rush

Very underrated in my opinion - FLIPMODE

6 Busted Cart
7 Eggscellent

It won an award, vote for this guys

Eggscellent was eggscellent.

Best of season 3 - Goatworlds

Great spin on Indiana Jones and the last crusade, shows Mordecai's commitment to his injured friend (despite rigbys stupidity).

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8 Prankless

It's the Funniest episode in the entire season

This should be the best - awesomeforever1234

9 Weekend at Benson's

Top episode, a parody of the film weekend at Bernie's...great choice of music at the end, which complemented the episode nicely.

This episode is Great.

10 Skips vs Technology

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11 Replaced
12 Slam Dunk Slam Dunk

Hilarious ready,Mordecai fails to attempt a basketball shot then hits the basketball guy in the nuts LOL

Lol they made the episode so old school its was cool

13 Bad Kiss
14 House Rules
15 Under The Hood
16 Bet To Be Blonde

Oh my blonde. I love this episode

Uh cyclops? Your brain is a

17 Access Denied
18 Butt Dial
19 Think Positive
20 Fortune Cookie
21 Cool Bikes
22 Fists of Justice

Best episode ever skips vs clorgbang I like violence but the guardians of eternal youth are cowards

23 Death Bear

I really admire the character development

I love this one

24 Terror Tales of the Park

This episode scared the heck out of me!

25 Fancy Restaurant
26 Out of Commission
27 Dead at Eight
28 Stick Hockey
29 Gut Model
30 Yes Dude Yes
31 Trucker Hall of Fame
32 Big Winner

I love it because muscle man kick a guy him off

33 Trash Boat
34 The Best VHS in the World
35 Camping Can Be Cool
36 The Best Burger In The World
37 Diary
38 Muscle Mentor
39 Cruisin
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1. Eggscellent
2. Skips Strikes
3. Fuzzy Dice
1. Video Game Wizards
2. Fuzzy Dice
3. Skips Strikes
1. Fuzzy Dice
2. Skips vs Technology
3. Bad Kiss

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