Best Regular Show Season 4 Episodes

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1 Exit 9B

What is wrong with the creator Exit 9B is by far the best regular show episode of all time

The part skips roar oh the make me laugh a lot

Thomas joined at the wrong time LOL.

It was awesome. Most of the villians from season 1,2&3 came back.

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2 Fool Me Twice

This was an awesome episode, funny too!

I want to punch your face!

Kudos to Japanese game shows like takeshis castle.

3 Sandwich of Death
4 A Bunch of Full Grown Geese

Came out the day I turned ten and was a great gift

This is how the list should go
1.Exit 9B (Obviously)
2.A bunch of full grown geese
3.Fool me twice
4.Sandwich of death
5.Steak me Amadeus (GUNS,Margaret leaves)
6.One pull up
7.The Christmas special
The baby ducks return!

5 The Christmas Special

This episode was epic. It's one of my favorite episodes in season 4 and I'm surprised that it's not higher.

6 One Pull Up

It aired on my 10th birthday.

Best Memory of the 2010s - Gamecubesarecool193

7 Limousine Lunchtime
8 The Last Lazer Disc Player
9 Trailer Trashed

Is this the episode that is based on mad Max/road warrior movie?

10 Picking Up Margret

I love this one

I hate this one so much - silverfish236

This is in the top ten worst episodes EVER

Then why the hell did 9% vote for this as the best then?

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11 Country Club
12 Blind Trust
13 Firework Run

Very creative, never saw Regular Show episode like this. Sure, it is not the BEST episode, but the best of season four.

14 Skips Stress
15 Steak Me Amadeus

Agree with all the things mentioned by the other posters, don't forget the Mulder and scully ( x-files) references.

Um hello... GUNS... badass

Not only was it the most badass episode,it was also one of the saddest.

Capricola gang return and Margaret leaves with guns HELLYEAH!

16 Party Re-Pete
17 150 Piece Kit
18 Ace Balthazar Lives
19 Rigby's Body
20 Pie Contest
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1. Exit 9B
2. Fool Me Twice
3. Picking Up Margret
1. Exit 9B
2. Limousine Lunchtime
3. Sandwich of Death
1. Firework Run
2. One Pull Up
3. Fool Me Twice

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