Top Ten Regular Show and SpongeBob Characters That Relate


The Top Ten

1 Benson and Squidward

They both have to deal with two people that annoy them. - Therandom

2 Patrick and Muscle Man

They are both fat and go shirtless. They also love to eat. - Therandom

3 Skips and Sandy

They are both smart and strong. - Therandom

4 Pops and Spongebob

They are both almost always happy. - Therandom

5 Rigby and Mr. Krabs

They are both greedy. Mr Krabs seasons 1 to three had a heart like Rugby does all the time. - Therandom

6 Gary and Hive Ghosts

They are both quiet and get less attention than everyone else. - Therandom

7 Mordecai and Larry the Lobster

I agree, but there's one flaw: Mordecai doesn't eat babies. See the episode Pets or Pests in SpongeBob to see what I'm talking about. - SlimVeggie

They are both laid back and are cool. They are also friendly. - Therandom

8 Starla and Pearl

They are both irritating. - Therandom

9 The my boss fired me and ow my leg guy

They both are recurring on the show. - Therandom

The ow my leg guy is Fred... - DapperPickle

10 Plankton and Garrett Bobby Ferguson, Jr

They are both villains who nearly succeed in their plans but fail in the end. - Therandom

The Contenders

11 Muscle Man and Mr. Krabs

They are both full of such nonsense and appear to be drunk.

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