Top 10 Most Relatable Hamilton Songs


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1 The Room Where It Happens

I can totally relate to Burr in this. Mainly because I'm a bit nosy and I'm always the third wheel. - NotYoursTruly

2 Satisfied

I personally can't relate but I know a lot of you can relate to stepping aside to sacrifice something you truly desire for a loved one. - NotYoursTruly

Most relatable song I can think of! I sing it in the shower a loy

3 Helpless

This song probably reads a girl's diary. You can especially relate if you have a crush, and a friend or sister has the same crush as you. - NotYoursTruly

Everyone has crushed on someone, this song is by far the most relatable

4 Hurricane

Threatened to pick between admitting the truth and lying to the world. I can totally relate to Hamilton in this. - NotYoursTruly

5 Dear Theodosia

I know a lot of families who can relate to this song and let me just say - I wish the best for you. <3 - NotYoursTruly

6 It's Quiet Uptown
7 Say No to This

Doing something even though you know it's wrong. - NotYoursTruly

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8 Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

"Gotta go, gotta get the job done. Gotta start a new nation, gotta meet my son! " Even Lin-Manuel Miranda said he could relate to this himself. - NotYoursTruly

9 Best of Wives and Best of Women
10 Wait for It

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11 Aaron Burr, Sir

I can relate to Hamilton in this as he speaks to Burr at the beginning. And also the "Who, who is this kid? What's he gonna do? " - NotYoursTruly

12 My Shot

You know who can't relate? Hamilton. - AnonymousChick

13 Congratulations

Gold sings this so pretty

14 Schuyler Sisters

Mainly the and Peggy! Part.

15 The Story of Tonight
16 Burn - Hamilton
17 Non-Stop
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