Top 10 Most Relatable Hamilton Songs


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1 The Room Where It Happens

It's amazing how much I can relate to Burr here. I'm almost always the third, fourth or even fifth wheel (I kid you not), and never get to know what's going on anywhere, even though I'm literally DYING to know. Everyone just assumes I'm not interested.

I can totally relate to Burr in this. Mainly because I'm a bit nosy and I'm always the third wheel. - NotYoursTruly

2 Satisfied

I personally can't relate but I know a lot of you can relate to stepping aside to sacrifice something you truly desire for a loved one. - NotYoursTruly

For Anybody who chose this, how many of you have set up your crush with your sister and you still have a crush on them once they get married? Like if you have

Most relatable song I can think of! I sing it in the shower a loy

3 Helpless

This song probably reads a girl's diary. You can especially relate if you have a crush, and a friend or sister has the same crush as you. - NotYoursTruly

Everyone has crushed on someone, this song is by far the most relatable

I agree with most opinions here! I am currently crushing on someone and this song really hit it to my feeling

I have a crush and my friend has a crush on him and my crush has a crush on her. Whenever we make eye contact I give both the 'I fudging hate you', 'I love you, you bish', and the 'take care of her'. All those emotions in 0.003 seconds.

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4 Hurricane

Threatened to pick between admitting the truth and lying to the world. I can totally relate to Hamilton in this. - NotYoursTruly

5 Dear Theodosia

I know a lot of families who can relate to this song and let me just say - I wish the best for you. <3 - NotYoursTruly

6 It's Quiet Uptown
7 Say No to This

Doing something even though you know it's wrong. - NotYoursTruly

Me: I want m&ms
Me: Say no to this
Me: lol nobody needs to know - AnonymousChick

8 Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

"Gotta go, gotta get the job done. Gotta start a new nation, gotta meet my son! " Even Lin-Manuel Miranda said he could relate to this himself. - NotYoursTruly

9 Wait for It

I absolutely love Wait For It! I completely understand his pain of being one-upped and felling like you cannot acheive anything :( Sorry Burr; I guess you weren't meant to be

10 Best of Wives and Best of Women

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11 Aaron Burr, Sir

I can relate to Hamilton in this as he speaks to Burr at the beginning. And also the "Who, who is this kid? What's he gonna do? " - NotYoursTruly

12 My Shot

You know who can't relate? Hamilton. - AnonymousChick

13 Non-Stop
14 Schuyler Sisters

Mainly the and Peggy! Part.

15 The Story of Tonight
16 Burn - Hamilton
17 Congratulations

Gold sings this so pretty

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