Top 10 Most Relatable Lines from Metal Songs

Lines that sound as if they were written for you - describe you, your believes, your hopes, your feelings, your experiences, your wishes, your fears, and so on.

The Top Ten

1 I live a life of loyalty true to myself and my own, a sea of life so peaceful and serene, the path of life lies open wide for me - Path of Glory, Demons & Wizards
2 I have stripped of all but pride, so in her I do confide - Wherever I May Roam, Metallica
3 We have the power make our lives what they are to be, reconnect with our humanity - Anthem, Iced Earth
4 Who'll grant me wings to fly? And will I have another try? - At The Edge Of Time, Blind Guardian
5 From our lives' beginning on we are pushed in little forms. No one asks us how we like to be, in school they teach you what to think - I Want Out, Helloween
6 The lover of life's not a sinner - Heaven and Hell, Black Sabbath
7 Searching my soul I find something else, I take my life in my hands. From the gates of Heaven to the altars of Hell The Power is at my command - Rising Force, Yngwie Malmsteen
8 Killing for religion, something I don't understand - Holy Wars, Megadeth
9 What do you mean I hurt your feelings, I didn't know you had any feelings - Peace Sells, Megadeth

I love that line from Peace Sells, along with the next line-"What do you mean I ain't kind? Just not your kind". - Element119

10 Sweet child in time, you'll see the line, the line that's drawn between good and bad - Child In Time, Deep Purple

The Contenders

11 What do you mean i ain't kind, just not your kind -Peace Sells - Megadeth

I love the previous line as well, as stated in that comment, but this line is probably the most relatable line to me. I've never really fit in with most people because I've never liked most things other people like from an early age onward (like celebrities, movies, pop music, fashion trends, pop culture, social media trends, etc.), which has caused me to have a very difficult time having friends. I am in high school and have not had a close friend or been invited to do anything with anyone outside of school since I was in elementary school because I just don't have similar interests in any field to most others. Even though I try to be friendly to people, it doesn't last since I usually don't have anything in common with them to talk about. So this is a very relatable line for me. - Element119

This line is my favorite line from any song it also relates to any Metalhead - christangrant

12 In a world of broken dreams, depressed and haunting me. No way out. So many times it's hopeless, dark and gray. No way out. And other times it's hope that saves the day - Path of Glory, Demons & Wizards
13 I see that it's me who's lost and never found - Rainbow In the Dark, Dio
14 Maybe all the things that you know that are precious to you, could be swept away by fate's own hand - Blood Brothers, Iron Maiden
15 But still they don't know they're just caught in distant memories - Distant Memories, Blind Guardian
16 And when the time is right for changes we will salute you and a new age may begin - Distant Memories, Blind Guardian
17 God save us from the stupid leaders who lead a million souls to death - Blood On Your Hands, Primal Fear
18 Call me what you will but I'll take my time anywhere, I'm free to speak my mind anywhere - Wherever I May Roam, Metallica
19 I know that I'm torn up inside and the man that I am is a man that I don't know - The Man (That I Don't Know), Primal Fear
20 A country that's divided. Surely will not stand. - Holy Wars, Megadeth
21 Truth is a beast with a sad face, a demon, the cruelest of all - Doom, Blind Guardian
22 See this child is raised in hate and in anger, his eyes wide open, his rage so focused - Anthem, Iced Earth
23 Many moments of my life I pray tomorrow. Inner peace will find its way and set me free. There's a light beyond the dark - Path of Glory, Demons & Wizards
24 Mankind is unkind man, God luck and good speed. - God Luck and Good Speed, Weedeater
25 Monkey killing monkey killing monkey over pieces of the ground. Silly monkeys give them thumbs, they make a club and beat their brother down. - Right in Two, Tool
26 Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven conscious of his fleeting time here. - Right in Two, Tool
27 Drop out of life with bong in hand - Dopesmoker, Sleep

*Wink wink* - ryanrimmel

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