Top Ten Most Relaxing Beatles Songs

The Top Ten Most Relaxing Beatles Songs

1 Let It Be
2 Here Comes the Sun

Karol house

This is so lovely to listen to while I'm laying on my bed on warm sunny days, just daydreaming... It's so beautiful... - Britgirl

3 Here There and Everywhere
4 In My Life

Beautiful is the only word that can describe this song.

5 Blackbird

I watched a YouTube video of a father singing this song to his newborn son who was dying. One of the most beautiful things I ever saw. I don't cry often, but that just started the waterfalls.

6 Julia
7 Sun King

Actually, there are quite a few relaxing tracks in a row on Side 2 of Abbey Road. Here Comes the Sun, Because, You Never Give Me Your Money, and then Sun King, with Golden Slumbers coming up in a few minutes. - PetSounds

8 Across the Universe
9 Long, Long, Long

This song is so soft that it's almost orgasmic!

10 Strawberry Fields Forever

The Contenders

11 Good Night
12 A Day In the Life
13 Because
14 Golden Slumbers
15 Rain
16 I'm Only Sleeping
17 Yes It Is

It's pretty soothing..

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