Top Ten Most Relaxing Eagles Songs

Eagles are a very relaxing band to listen to, from their vocals to their instruments. Which one would you say is the most relaxing? Feel free to add any you feel I've missed or vote for an existing favourite.

The Top Ten

1 Desperado
2 Peaceful Easy Feeling
3 Tequila Sunrise
4 Witchy Woman
5 The Best of My Love
6 New Kid in Town
7 One of These Nights

Can't vote yet, but I'll play this one and the Waylon and Willie cover in a bit. Thanks Billyv. And Brit... - Ned964

8 Take It to the Limit

What great taste you have, and what a power packed line up here, for my taste... I will go with this gem today, but will return soon, as tomorrow one of the other song included will almost certainly be my new favorite.. "So put me on a highway, and show me a sign"... - Ned964

The two of you may also appreciate a cover of this by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, in case you haven't heard it. - Billyv

9 The Last Resort
10 Already Gone

The Contenders

11 I Can't Tell You Why
12 Bitter Creek
13 Take It Easy
14 Doolin Dalton
15 Midnight Flyer

I know it's not "relaxing" in terms of sit-down-and-have-a-cuppa-and-let-life's-troubles-wash-over-you relaxing as it's quite upbeat and happy and it makes me smile. This is a song which really should have featured in the film Smokey And The Bandit but sadly wasn't. - Britgirl

16 Wasted Time
17 Love Will Keep Us Alive
18 Ol' 55
19 After the Thrill Is Gone
20 My Man
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