Top Ten Most Relaxing Metal Genres

This are genres which relax you while you're listening to them.

The Top Ten

1 Drone Metal
2 Funeral Doom

Just put on some Lycus. - Metalhead1997

3 Depressive Suicidal Black Metal
4 Blackgaze
5 Epic Doom

Candlemass will make you relaxed. - Fretto

6 Power Metal

Power Metal never had a direct relaxing effect on me because it's too fast and energetic - music actually gets my blood pumping. But lyrics create vivid images in my brain and take me to another place, so indirectly - maybe it calms me down. - Metal_Treasure

Close your eyes and listen what's sung by the vocalist.
Your fantasy will be epic and after the album your mood is so calmed down. - Fretto

7 Atmospheric Black Metal

You'll enjoy every little note which is played. - Fretto

8 Stoner Doom

It's not the 'symphony of destruction'.
It's the 'melody of relaxion'. - Fretto

9 Progressive Metal

A 15:00 minute long Dream Theater song makes you feel relaxed. - Fretto

Ah yes, Dream Theater make me wanna go to bad after the 1st minute. - Metal_Treasure

No doubt. - zxm

10 Gothic Metal

Lacuna Coil is a good example even when they can be considered as Alternative Metal. - Fretto

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